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Baseball ABC |
22 ratings

A Children's alphabet book with a baseball theme

Brewster's Millions | George Barr McCutcheon
613 ratings
- George Barr McCutcheon

The story revolves around Montgomery Brewster, a poor man who inherits a large sum of money. However, there is a catch — he has to spend every...

Barnaby Rudge | Charles Dickens
8,727 ratings
- Charles Dickens

A wayside tavern where the local men drink and gossip; an unsolved, twenty year old murder at a nearby mansion; a very talkative black raven; a...

Bushido, the Soul of Japan | Inazo Nitobe
4,708 ratings
- Inazo Nitobe

Bushido: The Soul of Japan written by Inazo Nitobe was one of the first books on samurai ethics that was originally written in English for a...

The Black Fawn | Jim Kjelgaard
106 ratings
- Jim Kjelgaard

Bud Sloan was an orphan who had been 'sold out' of the orphanage to work on a farm once he'd been old enough to labor. The farm where he was to...

The Birthday Party | Oliver Optic
1 rating
- Oliver Optic

Flora Lee’s birthday came in July. Her mother wished very much to celebrate the occasion in a proper manner. Flora was a good girl, and her...

The Brethren | Henry Rider Haggard
488 ratings
- Henry Rider Haggard

Set in the days of the Crusaders, this books tells of a young maiden named Rosamund, and her twin cousins. Godwin is the grey eyed thoughtful man...

Buried Alive: a Tale of These Days | Arnold Bennett
294 ratings
- Arnold Bennett

The hero is Mr Priam Farll, a painter of considerable ability. He is, however, extremely shy – so shy that when his valet, Henry Leek, dies...

Behind a Mask, or a Woman's Power | Louisa May Alcott
1,083 rating
- Louisa May Alcott

Fans of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women will remember that her heroine Jo wrote racy novels before turning her hand to more "serious" literature...

Beethoven : The story of a little boy who was forced to practice | Thomas Tapper
21 ratings
- Thomas Tapper

This is a collection of ten short, entertaining, informative picture-book biographies of famous composers. Each book tells about the childhood and...

The Black Bag | Louis Joseph Vance
10 ratings
- Louis Joseph Vance

Mr. Philip Kirkwood, a not so successful painter, receives a visitor from his home town in America, who wants him to do him an unspecified favor,...

Best Russian Short Stories |
698 ratings

In this collection of Russian stories, editor and compiler Thomas Seltzer selects from a range of the best examples of 19th and early 20th century...

Best Russian Short Stories |
698 ratings

In this collection of Russian stories, editor and compiler Thomas Seltzer selects from a range of the best examples of 19th and early 20th century...

Bat Wing | Sax Rohmer
191 ratings
- Sax Rohmer

Private detective Paul Harley investigates a mysterious case involving voodoo, vampirism, and macabre murder in the heart of London. This is the...

The Blue Fairy Book | Andrew Lang
8,611 ratings
- Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang’s Blue Fairy Book is a beautifully produced and illustrated edition of fairy tales that has become a classic. This was followed by...

A Boy's Will | Robert Frost
6,092 ratings
- Robert Frost

A Boy’s Will is Robert Frost’s first full volume of poetry. Issued when Frost was approaching forty, it established his reputation and created a...

The Brass Bottle | F. Anstey
75 ratings
- F. Anstey

What happens when a not-so-lucky man happens upon a brass bottle and releases the djinni caught within? Misunderstanding, culture shock, hilarity...

Bel Ami | Guy de Maupassant
25,469 ratings
- Guy de Maupassant

Though firmly set in 1880s Paris, Maupassant's gripping story of an amoral journalist on the make could, with only slight modifications of detail...

Being a Boy | Charles Dudley Warner
18 ratings
- Charles Dudley Warner

Warner's thoughtful and often humorous memoir of his life as a young farm-boy in Charlemont, Massachusetts.

The Borgias | Alexandre Dumas
307 ratings
- Alexandre Dumas

Dumas's 'Celebrated Crimes' was not written for children. The novelist has spared no language -- has minced no words -- to describe the violent...

The Beasts in the Void | Paul W. Fairman
15 ratings
- Paul W. Fairman

Holloway was used to big game hunters and their expeditions to other worlds. But this trip was sheer madness—a space ship stalking among—The...

The Bacchae | Euripides
12,616 ratings
- Euripides

This tragedy is based on the mythological story of King Pentheus of Thebes and his mother Agave, and their punishment by the god Dionysus (who is...

Brenda, Her School and Her Club | Helen Leah Reed
10 ratings
- Helen Leah Reed

Brenda was used to getting her own way. Her parents and older sisters spoiled her, her friends followed her lead, servants obeyed her, and she was...

The Beasts of Tarzan | Edgar Rice Burroughs
4,813 ratings
- Edgar Rice Burroughs

This is the third of Burrough’s Tarzan novels. In the previous novel Tarzan reclaimed his name and title as John Clayton, Lord Greystoke. In this...

The Book of Were-Wolves | Sabine Baring-Gould
1,094 rating
- Sabine Baring-Gould

A survey of the myths and legends concerning lycanthropy from ancient times to the Victorian Era.

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