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The Belgian Twins

Lucy Fitch Perkins

Book Overview: 

This story is based upon the experiences of two Belgian refugees in World War I. When their parents are marched of by Germans, Jan and Marie are left alone. Now they, along with their dog, have to find their parents!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .they were met by an officer, who at once took command of the company. There was only a moment for hasty good-byes before the order to march was given, and the women and children watched the little column stride bravely away up the street toward the armory, where the uniforms and arms were kept. They followed at a little distance and took up their station across the street from the great doors through which the men had disappeared. There was little talking among them. Only the voice of the priest could be heard now and then, as he said a few words to one and another of the waiting women. It was still so early in the morning that the streets of the city were not yet filled with people going to work. Only those, like themselves, concerned with the sad business of war were abroad.

To Jan and Marie the long wait seemed endless, but at last the doors of the armory sprang open; there was a burst of martial music, and a band playing the national hymn appeared. "For K. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I was very surprised by The Belgian Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins. This 1917 novel tells the story of two Belgian refugees--two children, a boy and a girl, Jan and Marie or Janke and Mie. This isn't a quaint historical book. No, it was contemporary. The book tells of the German army invading Belgiu...more

Based on true events, this little story is a delight to read. One gets a real feel for the plight of the Belgians during WWI, as seen through the eyes of two children. Highly recommended.

The Belgian twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins is a story about a family who lives in Belgium during World War One. It's a nice book with kind people in who help the twins on there journey. This book shows so much kindness and compassion. It isn't fast paced, and the children are really polite. I love h...more

This was a terrific kids books about a period of history often forgotten in modern times. In my classic readings over the last year I have often come across references to Belgium in WWI. Beyond a few snippets I picked up in school I knew virtually nothing about the terrible actions of Germany aga...more

This is one of the first books I can remember reading. My father told me he had read it when he was a boy. He was born in 1917 so the book would have been almost new when he read it. This book showed me a place and time very far from my own.

The Belgian Twins, by Lucy Fitch Perkins, is a book written about the adventure of two young twins, a brother and sister, as Belgium is invaded by Germany during World War 1. The story shows how the people of Belgium reacted to the invasion and their strength during. The twins, Jan and Marie, mus...more

I read this book when I was a about ten years old..for some reason something about this book haunted me and never left me. This afternoon I was sitting and reading a book by Phillip Lopate and images of the Belgian Twins kept on flashing before me. I searched for it on the internet and now I am r...more