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Ready, Aim, Fire! | Jim Woods
17 ratings
- Jim Woods

Enough spinning your wheels, it's time to make progress! Ready Aim Fire is the tool to get you back on track! It's time to set and achieve the...

The Red Seal | Natalie Sumner Lincoln
23 ratings
- Natalie Sumner Lincoln

Nothing is what it seems to be as events unfold in this entertaining mystery by Natalie Sumner Lincoln. Red seals and red herrings abound and will...

Random Reminiscences of Men and Events | John D. Rockefeller
141 ratings
- John D. Rockefeller

A good book by the oil revolutionist of the 20th century. As they say "Men should listen to experience" and this book is all about the experience...

The Red Badge of Courage | Stephen Crane
85,820 ratings
- Stephen Crane

This is a short novel based vaguely on the battle of Chancellorsville of the American Civil War. Unlike other works on the subject, Crane’s novel...

The Romance of Tristan and Iseult | Joseph Bédier
10,038 ratings
- Joseph Bédier

This is the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Iseult. It is a tale of love, honor, intrigue, betrayal and jealousy, ending ultimately in tragedy....

The Rainbow | D. H. Lawrence
18,054 ratings
- D. H. Lawrence

The Rainbow follows three generations of the Brangwen family, particularly focusing on the sexual dynamics of, and relations between, the...

Riders of the Purple Sage | Zane Grey
890,198 ratings
- Zane Grey

The year is 1871, and wealthy ranch owner Jane Withersteen is in trouble. She has incurred the displeasure of her Mormon church leaders by...

Romeo and Juliet | William Shakespeare
1,962,550 rating
- William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays and is thought to be the most famous love story in Western history. It concerns...

The Rosicrucian Mysteries | Max Heindel
136 ratings
- Max Heindel

A primer for those interested in the basic philosophy, beliefs & secrets of the Rosicrucians, a secret society said to have been founded in...

The Return Of The Soul | Robert Smythe Hichens
23 ratings
- Robert Smythe Hichens

Can the soul of the dead come back to haunt the one who was responsible for its death? What would happen if the responsible one did not believe it...

Riya's Foundling | Algis Budrys
24 ratings
- Algis Budrys

Now, if the animal we know as a cow were to evolve into a creature with near-human intelligence, so that she thought of herself as a "person"..

The Red House Mystery | A. A. Milne
6,965 ratings
- A. A. Milne

Antony Gillingham arrives at the Red House moments after a gunshot is heard. The room is locked, the murderer has disappeared and, in Antony’s...

Rootabaga Stories | Carl Sandburg
612 ratings
- Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg is beloved by generations of children for his Rootabaga Stories and Rootabaga Pigeons, a series of whimsical, sometimes melancholy...

Representative Men | Ralph Waldo Emerson
2,803 ratings
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A series of biographical lectures originally published in 1850. Each chapter is a philosophical treatment of the life of an intellectual. The six...

Ronicky Doone | Max Brand
110 ratings
- Max Brand

Ronicky Doone is a hero of the west, respected by the law-abiding citizen and hated by bushwhacking bandits. Bill Gregg is a man in love, not...

The Reverberator | Henry James
160 ratings
- Henry James

Another Jamesian look at Americans in Paris. What happens when a reporter for an American scandal sheet (The Reverberator) is looking for a good...

The Red Thumb Mark | R. Austin Freeman
712 ratings
- R. Austin Freeman

Missing diamonds, untouched safe, two blood smeared thumb prints and a mysterious Mr X. If these are present, Dr Thorndyke must be there too. Will...

Robert's Rules of Order | Henry M. Robert
1,439 rating
- Henry M. Robert

Robert's Rules of Order is the most widely used authority in the United States today for "parliamentary law, based...upon the rules and practice...

The Right of Way | Gilbert Parker
9 ratings
- Gilbert Parker

Charley Steele is a successful and brilliant Canadian lawyer. He has a nagging wife, Kathleen, and a lazy brother-in- law, Billy. In spite of his...

The Return | Walter De la Mare
160 ratings
- Walter De la Mare

A story of psychological horror, The Return explores ideas of identity, love, and alienation. Arthur grapples with the reactions of his family and...

Revelations of a Wife | Adele Garrison
22 ratings
- Adele Garrison

Adele Garrison was the nom de plume of Nana Springer White, an American writer. Her career included time as a schoolteacher in Milwaukee. She...

Russian | Learn to Speak
No ratings yet
- Learn to Speak

This course is designed to prepare students for life in Russia by giving the necessary basic skills in the language. Leaving the student with the...

Riders to the Sea | J. M. Synge
1,446 rating
- J. M. Synge

Set in a cottage on Inishmaan, it is about a man whose body was washed up on the far away coast of Donegal, and who, by reason of certain...

Revenge! | Robert Barr
29 ratings
- Robert Barr

A collection of 20 short stories of the crime, detective, and thriller variety, sharing a common theme of .... you guessed it, revenge, and often...

Romanian | Learn to Speak
No ratings yet
- Learn to Speak

The Romanian course is designed to give the student a basic overview into daily life in Romania. Giving the student the abilities to say enough to...

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