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Uneasy Money | P. G. Wodehouse
1,643 rating
- P. G. Wodehouse

Uneasy Money is a romantic comedy that offers light escapism. More romantic but only a little less humorous that his mature works, it tells of the...

Uncle Silas | Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
5,734 ratings
- Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Uncle Silas is a Victorian Gothic mystery/thriller novel by the Anglo-Irish writer J. Sheridan Le Fanu. It is notable as one of the earliest...

The Uttermost Farthing | R. Austin Freeman
96 ratings
- R. Austin Freeman

Humphrey Challoner is a solitary old man who spent a lifetime collecting for his private museum, primarily mammals exhibiting osteological...

Under the Greenwood Tree | Thomas Hardy
10,902 ratings
- Thomas Hardy

This novel is subtitled The Mellstock Quire, A Rural Painting of the Dutch School. The Quire is the group of musicians who accompany the hymns at...

Utopia of Usurers | G. K. Chesterton
120 ratings
- G. K. Chesterton

“Now I have said again and again (and I shall continue to say again and again on all the most inappropriate occasions) that we must hit Capitalism...

The Underground City | Jules Verne
1,876 rating
- Jules Verne

Covering a time span of over ten years, this novel follows the fortunes of the mining community of Aberfoyle near Stirling, Scotland. Receiving a...

Uncle Tom's Cabin | Harriet Beecher Stowe
197,087 ratings
- Harriet Beecher Stowe

Among the most “banned” books in the United States, Uncle Tom’s Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly is a novel by American author Harriet Beecher...

The Upper Berth and By the Waters of Paradise | F. Marion Crawford
368 ratings
- F. Marion Crawford

Mr Brisbane details his adventures after booking a lower berth in a haunted stateroom on the steamship Kamtschatka.

The Underground Railroad | William Still
608 ratings
- William Still

William Still is often called the Father of the Underground Railroad. Over 14 years, he helped hundreds of slaves escape to freedom in Canada....

The Untroubled Mind | Herbert J. Hall
198 ratings
- Herbert J. Hall

A very wise physician has said that “every illness has two parts—what it is, and what the patient thinks about it.” What the patient thinks about...

That Unfortunate Marriage - Volume 1 | Frances Eleanor Trollope
5 ratings
- Frances Eleanor Trollope

This is the funny, romantic, slightly tongue-in-cheek story of how little May Cheffington makes her way in the world despite being the sole...

Uncle Vanya | Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
17,636 ratings
- Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Uncle Vanya (subtitled “Scenes From Country Life”) is a tragicomedy by Anton Chekhov. It is set on the failing country estate of a retired...

Utopia | Saint Sir Thomas More
59,299 ratings
- Saint Sir Thomas More

This book is all about the fictional country called Utopia. It is a country with an ‘ideal’ form of communism, in which everything really does...

Union And Communion | James Hudson Taylor
119 ratings
- James Hudson Taylor

This little book, whose design is to lead the devout Bible student into the Green Pastures of the Good Shepherd, thence to the Banqueting House of...

A User's Manual for the Human Experience | Michael W. Dean
24 ratings
- Michael W. Dean

"You owe yourself the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and put yourself in the court with this modern-day Socrates."

Under the Andes | Rex Stout
371 ratings
- Rex Stout

Under the Andes was written by Rex Stout years whose knack for weaving a fantastic tale of mystery and adventure will have most readers anxious...

Uncle Wiggily and Old Mother Hubbard | Howard Roger Garis
31 ratings
- Howard Roger Garis

Uncle Wiggily Longears, an old bunny gentleman now stricken with rheumatism and getting around with a cane, still is quite active. In these...

The U-boat hunters | James B. Connolly
93 ratings
- James B. Connolly

The author takes the listener on a tour of various ships used in WW1. He discusses the boats and the seamen who occupy them and their encounters...

Unto This Last | John Ruskin
306 ratings
- John Ruskin

Unto This Last is an important work of political economic though that influenced Gandhi, among others.

Uller Uprising | H. Beam Piper
609 ratings
- H. Beam Piper

Uller Uprising is the story of a confrontation between a human overlord and alien servants, with an ironic twist at the end. Like most of Piper’s...

An Unwilling Guest | Grace Livingston Hill
455 ratings
- Grace Livingston Hill

A young society woman travels to the country to visit her aunt, only to end up as the unwilling guest of a neighboring family. The daughter is not...

The United States Constitution |
24,566 ratings

This 1787 document defines the rights and responsibilities of federal government of the United States of America.

Unaddressed Letters |
1 rating

I had a friend who loved me;” but he has gone, and the “great gulf” is between us. After his death, I received a packet of manuscript with these...

The Ultimate Weapon | John Wood Campbell
162 ratings
- John Wood Campbell

The star Mira was unpredictably variable. Sometimes it was blazing, brilliant and hot. Other times it was oddly dim, cool, shedding little warmth...

Under the Sky in California | Charles Frances Saunders
2 ratings
- Charles Frances Saunders

This popular book went into three printings. “…the main concern of the author has been to draw attention to an immensity of almost unexplored...

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