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Henry Rider Haggard

Book Overview: 

Beatrice is a lonely twenty-two year old woman. After saving Geoffrey's life, they fall in love. However, Geoffrey is married. In addition, a local rich land owner wants to marry the beautiful Beatrice. This is a romance by the author of King Solomon's Mines, Allen Quatermain, and She.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Geoffrey long to be in the open air. He had no book at hand to read, and whenever he tried to think his mind flew back to that hateful matrimonial quarrel.

It was hard on him, Geoffrey thought, that he should be called upon to endure such scenes. He could no longer disguise the truth from himself—he had buried his happiness on his wedding-day. Looking back across the years, he well remembered how different a life he had imagined for himself. In those days he was tired of knocking about and of youthful escapades; even that kind of social success which must attend a young man who was handsome, clever, a good fellow, and blessed with large expectations, had, at the age of six-and-twenty, entirely lost its attractiveness. Therefore he had turned no deaf ear to his uncle, Sir Robert Bingham, who was then going on for seventy, when he suggested that it might be well of Geoffrey settled down, and introduced him to Lady Honoria.

Lady Honoria was eight. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I liked it!
H Rider Haggard, known for King Solmons, yet, I like this story better.

2 1/2 stars.

H Rider Haggard wrote a ton of books. Mostly they were straight-out adventures. Occasionally he'd mix adventure with a bit of love (the SHE series) and other times he'd mix love with adventure (THE YELLOW GOD). BEATRICE is a flat-out love story. Save for a rousing scene at the beginning


Hard to believe people actually behaved this way! I read through to the end hoping for a happy finale. Not to be!

Wonderful and romantic book! I loved the plot and the way that the book is written. Some scenes are described in a very vivid way and the emotions of the characters are very complex. This is an old book written a long time ago and therefore the ways in which the main characters solve their problems

Уже порядка пяти лет Хаггард плодотворно писал, создавая за год по два-три сюжета. Вполне очевидно, плодотворность редко идёт на благо всему литературному процессу. В чём-то Райдер оставался силён, может для того и стремясь не утрачивать писательского дарования. Всё же, Хаггард стремился к разнообра

Another (the last?) of Haggard's more conventional Victorian (i.e. modern/contemporary at the time of its writing) romance/melodrama novels -- the sort of thing he'd have likely churned out by the bucketload had he not (very fortunately for the rest of us) begun his career with two of the finest adv

Meh. Not his best work. Have to wonder what he was thinking.

"Beatrice" was first published in 1890, and was H. Rider Haggard's 10th novel, out of 58 titles. Unlike so many of his other books, "Beatrice" is one that features almost no action scenes whatsoever; no lost races, no adventure, no battles, no supernatural elements. What it IS, is a beautifully writ

This book will simply take you in another world. <3

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