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Beyond Lies the Wub

Philip K. Dick

Book Overview: 

What is a Wub? A 400 pound slovenly, fat, ungainly, drooling animal that looks like a cross between a walrus and an enormous hog? Well, yes that is pretty much what he looks like and for 50 cents, a good bargain no matter how he tastes. The hungry spaceship crew expect to find out. Of course the Wub may not entirely agree but it doesn't have much to say about it.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .It was sitting down, its eyes half shut. A few flies buzzed about its flank, and it switched its tail.

It sat. There was silence.

"It's a wub," Peterson said. "I got it from a native for fifty cents. He said it was a very unusual animal. Very respected."

"This?" Franco poked the great sloping side of the wub. "It's a pig! A huge dirty pig!"

"Yes sir, it's a pig. The natives call it a wub."

"A huge pig. It must weigh four hundred pounds." Franco grabbed a tuft of the rough hair. The wub gasped. Its eyes opened, small and moist. Then its great mouth twitched.

A tear rolled down the wub's cheek and splashed on the floor.

"Maybe it's good to eat," Peterson said nervously.

"We'll soon find out," Franco said.

The wub survived the take-off, sound asleep in the hold of the ship. When they were out in space and everything was running smoothly, Captain Franco bade his men fe. . . Read More

Community Reviews


When I was in class tenth,we had a chapter on Nehru,an extract from his 'discovery of India' in our English text. While lecturing on that,our teacher used to ask us students what we were in comparison to the great brains like Nehru and Wells. Hearing our silence,he would answer his own

PKD's first published story.

Sooooo short, very funny. :)

Me, personally, I'd have just talked with the poor alien and enjoyed his company, but you know how these idiot humans are. Always thinking with their stomachs. :)

Good thing the revenge was totally apropos. :)

Very fun. Classic PKD. :)

Never thought I would say the words "cute" and "science fiction" in the same sentence but that's what this is: a cute science fiction story.

Captain and his team are returning from an interplanetary expedition after capturing some galactic creatures. One such special creature is the wub, who appears

I’ve been reading a fair bit of Philip K. Dick this year and so felt it would be fun to tackle his first published SF story, “Beyond Lies the Wub” (Planet Stories, July 1952). Not surprisingly, it is a bit odd. Like his other works, PKD presents the reader with the possibility of new realities, in t

Philip K. Dick's first published story, from 1952, has a group of humans loading up their spaceship with various birds and animals from Mars, which they plan to eat on the way back to Earth, despite the disapproval of the Martians. Captain Franco, it is clear from the start, is a boorish guy. But Fr

This is a very funny and very short short story.

A crew is travelling from Mars back to Earth and since they are starving, they contemplate killing and eating a pig-like creature one of the crew members purchased on Mars - the titular wub.

This, however, is no ordinary creature as the captain soon fin

Thoroughly enjoyed this story.

What would happen if your dinner could talk to you and asked you not to eat it?

Philip K. Dick has the answer [=

Philip K. Dick's first published short story (Planet Stories, July 1952), begins with what may have been a familiar plot point even by the early 50's: a space ship crew, having acquired a cargo-hold filled with alien animals for food, plans to devour a creature--the "wub" of the title--more intellig

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