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Youth | Isaac Asimov
1,849 rating
- Isaac Asimov

Red and Slim found the two strange little animals the morning after they heard the thunder sounds. They knew that they could never show their new...

The Yellow Wallpaper | Charlotte Perkins Gilman
80,725 ratings
- Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Presented in the first person, the story is a collection of journal entries written by a woman whose physician husband has confined her to the...

Yoruba - Beginner | Learn to Speak
No ratings yet
- Learn to Speak

Yoruba is one of the four official languages of Nigeria and is a member of the Volta-Niger branch of the Niger-Congo family of languages. The...

Young Robin Hood | George Manville Fenn
58 ratings
- George Manville Fenn

Ever wonder how Robin Hood became Robin Hood? Well, now you can read how a young boy was molded into the famous hero who "robbed from the rich and...

Yoruba - Intermediate | Learn to Speak
No ratings yet
- Learn to Speak

This course is based on a series of brief monologs. It is intended for students for students who have already had an introduction to the language...

As You Like It | William Shakespeare
69,251 ratings
- William Shakespeare

One of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, As You Like It is a pastoral comedy of mistaken identity, wit, and love. Daughter of a banished duke and...

The Young Visiters, or Mr. Salteena's Plan | Daisy Ashford
675 ratings
- Daisy Ashford

The Young Visiters is a comic romance novella that parodies upper class society of late Victorian England. Social climber Alfred Salteena...

Youth | Leo Tolstoy
6,824 ratings
- Leo Tolstoy

Youth is the third in Tolstoy's trilogy of three autobiographical novels, including Childhood and Boyhood.

The Yillian Way | Keith Laumer
73 ratings
- Keith Laumer

The ceremonious protocol of the Yills was impressive, colorful--and, in the long run, deadly!

Your Mind and How to Use It | William Walker Atkinson
100 ratings
- William Walker Atkinson

William Walker Atkinson was one of the most prominent contributors to the literature of the New Thought movement, a non-denomination spiritual...

The Yosemite | John Muir
979 ratings
- John Muir

John Muir’s adventure guide for the Yosemite Valley.

The Young Carthaginian | G. A. Henty
786 ratings
- G. A. Henty

Typically, Henty's heroes are boys of pluck in troubled times, and this is no different. Detailed research is embellished with a vivid imagination...

The Young Trailers | Joseph A. Altsheler
71 ratings
- Joseph A. Altsheler

This is the story of Henry Ware, a young boy living in the wilds of the Kentucky frontier of the 1700's. The story follows Henry as he helps to...

Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter | Alice Turner Curtis
33 ratings
- Alice Turner Curtis

Sylvia Fulton is a ten-years-old girl from Boston who stayed in Charleston, South Carolina, before the opening of the civil war. She loves her new...

The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali | Patañjali
9 ratings
- Patañjali

Yoga sutras by Patanjali is a seminal work in yoga, this book is more about control of mind and the true goal of yoga. The sutras are extremely...

Youth and the Bright Medusa | Willa Sibert Cather
210 ratings
- Willa Sibert Cather

Youth And The Bright Medusa comprises eight short stories

In the Year 2889 | Jules Verne and Michel Verne
2,311 ratings
- Jules Verne and Michel Verne

A short story that tells us how the future looks like by selecting a random date in the year 2889, and follows the details of the day of one Fritz...

Young Americans Abroad | J.O. Choules
No ratings yet
- J.O. Choules

It’s 1851 and the Crystal Palace Exhibition is on in England. English American the Reverend Dr. Choules leaves Newport, Rhode Island with three...

Young Readers Science Fiction Stories | Richard Mace Elam
6 ratings
- Richard Mace Elam

This book contains thirteen pre-space exploration stories for young readers. Some of the details show their dated composition (we now know the...

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus | Francis Pharcellus Church
1,992 rating
- Francis Pharcellus Church

“Is There A Santa Claus?” was the headline that appeared over an editorial in the September 21, 1897 edition of the New York Sun. The editorial,...

The Young Railroaders | Francis Lovell Coombs
16 ratings
- Francis Lovell Coombs

While aimed at youths, this series of tales of the just-opening West makes a rollicking good story for adults, too. Three teen-age boys, trained...

The Yates Pride | Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
8 ratings
- Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

A romantic short story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.

The Yellow Dove | George Gibbs
8 ratings
- George Gibbs

A World War 1 spy vs spy novel. Oh! And perhaps I should also mention, a bit of romance?
"I am sorry,” he said coolly, "awfully sorry. As...

The Yellowstone National Park | Hiram Martin Chittenden
13 ratings
- Hiram Martin Chittenden

The Yellowstone National Park Historical and Descriptive

The Youth's Coronal | Hannah Flagg Gould
1 rating
- Hannah Flagg Gould

This is a volume of poetry for children by Hannah Flagg Gould, containing several fables and other verses with a little moral.

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