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Jacqui - Space Waif - Book 2 | Charm Brights
No ratings yet
- Charm Brights

Jacqui's life was hard as an orphan born in 2093. She went to a number of jobs which she mostly lost for petty theft, or refusing to co-operate...

Joseph the Dreamer | Amy Steedman
7 ratings
- Amy Steedman

A bible story of Joseph written for children

The Jewels of Aptor | Samuel R. Delany
905 ratings
- Samuel R. Delany

Delany's first novel serves as a sort of prologue to the subsequent Captives of the Flame. Set several centuries after the Great Fire -- a nuclear...

Jarwin and Cuffy | R. M. Ballantyne
5 ratings
- R. M. Ballantyne

Jarwin is an English sailor who has been shipwrecked. He is stranded on a raft with only his dog Cuffy, and land is nowhere in sight. Their food...

John Thorndyke's Cases | R. Austin Freeman
363 ratings
- R. Austin Freeman

At the turn of the 20th century, Richard Austin Freeman emerged as an author to be reckoned with in the world of detective fiction, introducing...

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice | James Branch Cabell
1,035 rating
- James Branch Cabell

Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice is a fantasy book by James Branch Cabell, which gained fame (or notoriety) shortly after its publication. It is a...

The Jumble Book | David Cory
No ratings yet
- David Cory

This is a lovely collection of short stories and poems some well known others not so well known. Something to appeal to everyone.

The Jungle | Upton Sinclair
146,446 ratings
- Upton Sinclair

It is the end of the 19th century. Like thousands of others, the Rudkus family has emigrated from Lithuania to America in search of a better life...

Jennie Gerhardt | Theodore Dreiser
3,426 ratings
- Theodore Dreiser

This is a story of an innocent, caring, beautiful young girl from and extremely poor family who throughout her life is drawn into affairs with two...

John James Audubon | John Burroughs
39 ratings
- John Burroughs

Audubon's life naturally divides itself into three periods: his youth, which was on the whole a gay and happy one, and which lasted till the time...

John Death | Richard Shekari
No ratings yet
- Richard Shekari

In the search for protection from his enemies, a wealthy businessman hires the service of John Death, a hero to whom he owes his life, and hands...

Joan of Naples | Alexandre Dumas
57 ratings
- Alexandre Dumas

The celebrated crimes committed during the life of Joan (Joanna I) of Naples span from personal misdeeds (adulteries and mariticide) to regional...

Julia Ried | Pansy
No ratings yet
- Pansy

Authored by Isabella M. Alden under the pen name “Pansy.” Sequel to “Ester Ried.” Julia Ried must take a job as a bookkeeper in a factory to earn...

Rough Justice | Rigby Taylor
No ratings yet
- Rigby Taylor

Set in subtropical Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, The Price Of Freedom is a nail-biting thriller, and a love story in which two young men...

Jo's Boys | Louisa May Alcott
37,065 ratings
- Louisa May Alcott

Jo’s Boys is the third book in the Little Women trilogy by Louisa May Alcott. In it, Jo’s “children”, now grown, are caught up in real world...

Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon | Henry Fielding
75 ratings
- Henry Fielding

Sailing voyage from England to Portugal in the mid Eighteenth Century, by one of the premier humorists, satirists, novelists and playwrights of...

A Journey to the Interior of the Earth | Jules Verne
202,692 ratings
- Jules Verne

Journey to the Interior of the Earth is a science fiction novel by Jules Verne (published in the original French as Voyage au centre de la Terre...

John Barleycorn or Alcoholic Memoirs | Jack London
3,564 ratings
- Jack London

Jack London died at the age of forty. In this autobiographical work, London describes his life as seen through the eyes of John Barleycorn (...

Jubilation, U.S.A. | G. L. Vandenburg
15 ratings
- G. L. Vandenburg

Before there was "What Happens in Vegas", there was "What Happens in Jubilation"

Just William | Richmal Crompton
5,385 ratings
- Richmal Crompton

William is a mischievous eleven year old who is puzzled by the adult world, which is no less puzzled by him. The humor is gentle and pleasing.

Jacqui - Space Waif - Book 3 | Charm Brights
No ratings yet
- Charm Brights

Jacqui's life was hard as an orphan born in 2093. She went to a number of jobs which she mostly lost for petty theft, or refusing to co-operate...

Jewels of Gwahlur | Robert E. Howard
428 ratings
- Robert E. Howard

Conan The Barbarian is after fabulous treasure in this exciting story. But he finds himself in more difficulties than he had counted on. Crafty...

John Caldigate | Anthony Trollope
266 ratings
- Anthony Trollope

After a rather dissolute youth and having been disowned by his father, John Caldigate sets sail for Australia with his friend Dick Shand hoping to...

Jacqui - Space Waif - Book 4 | Charm Brights
No ratings yet
- Charm Brights

Jacqui's life was hard as an orphan born in 2093. She went to a number of jobs which she mostly lost for petty theft, or refusing to co-operate...

Jim of the Hills | C.J. Dennis
3 ratings
- C.J. Dennis

Jim, an axe-man for a sawmill, who is a hard-knuckled, two-fisted fighting man when he has to be, but is shy around women, longs to find a wife...

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