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Jennie Gerhardt

Theodore Dreiser

Book Overview: 

This is a story of an innocent, caring, beautiful young girl from and extremely poor family who throughout her life is drawn into affairs with two different men from a much higher social class. How members of her family, the family of one of the wealthy men, and society in general react to her situation is the basis of this story.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .s to be something the matter with her."

"Oh," began Mrs. Gerhardt, visibly struggling with her fears, and moved to make an end of it at any cost, "Jennie is in trouble. I don't know what to do. She—"

Gerhardt, who had unscrewed a door-lock and was trying to mend it, looked up sharply from his work.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Mrs. Gerhardt had her apron in her hands at the time, her nervous tendency to roll it coming upon her. She tried to summon sufficient courage to explain, but fear mastered her completely; she lifted the apron to her eyes and began to cry.

Gerhardt looked at her and rose. He was a man with the Calvin type of face, rather spare, with skin sallow and discolored as the result of age and work in the wind and rain. When he was surprised or angry sparks of light glittered in his eyes. He frequently pushed his hair back when he was troubled, and almost invariably walked the floor; just now he looked . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I haven't been this affected by the lives of fictional characters in quite a while. I was genuinely worried for them, and hopeful for them, and sad for them whenever things went wrong. There may have even been a lump in my throat once or twice.

And don't let this book's age deter you, either; it is

In all of nature there is only perfection. Seen as complete, it is breathlessly beautiful in its splendor. "No process is vile, no condition is unnatural."* Everything has its place. No separate part, or single entity when viewed as a whole. Each unit plays a distinct role, every performance a contr

Fantastic. I also read his Sister Carrie when I was in high school and loved that too.

Este livro fala-nos da vida de Jenni Gerhardt. Jenny é a segunda dos seis filhos do Sr. e Sra. Gerhardt, que têm ascendência alemã e professam a fé luterana.
No início da história Jenny tem 18 anos e a sua família passa por várias dificuldades financeiras, sem dinheiro para fazer face às despesas reg

My loins were girded. I've read Sister Carrie and books by Frank Norris and William Dean Howells, books and authors of the Realism/Naturalism schools. In other words, authors who show you that life is crap, people are crap and all you can expect is crap. Not that the books are crap - they can be ver

Oh my word! What a beautiful novel. And that ending, I cried and cried. Such an amazing writer Dreiser is, this could be my all time favourite book.

Searching for classics a while back I came across the novel, Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser, both title and author completely unknown to me, and I

Having now received an answer from Audible, I have been informed that the basis for the Blackstone audiobook is the University of Pennsylvania edition published in 1994. This edition, and thus the audiobook too, restores those portions removed from the author’s text with the book's first publication

Самая любимая книга у Драйзера (которого вообще сильно люблю). Хрупкая, местами пронзительно грустная, очень нежная история о беззащитности открытой любящей души, и вместе с тем - целая история жизни, написанная глубоко, правдиво и сильно. Интересно и дорого то, что персонажи "второго плана", - таки

Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945) é considerado o mais influente escritor do naturalismo dos Estados Unidos. Não sendo muito apreciado pelo estilo, é valorizado pela construção de personagens, que refletem o estilo de vida, na época, da sociedade norte-americana.

Jenny Gerhardt é uma jovem que nasceu num

A touching story of a girl fighting the cruelities of the American life. Could not help crying in some parts. Love is not just loving. It is something more. This is what the book taught me.

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