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Jewels of Gwahlur

Robert E. Howard

Book Overview: 

Conan The Barbarian is after fabulous treasure in this exciting story. But he finds himself in more difficulties than he had counted on. Crafty and powerful human opponents seek to skin him alive, bestial mutations seek to rip his arms off, denizens of the deep want to devour him whole and scantily clad dusky beauties try to waylay him at every step. And all of this to find the Jewels of Gwahlur, the most fabulous treasure every hidden in a secret temple. Has Conan finally met his match? Will his evil enemies or the seductive women finally succeed in making him beg for mercy?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .With one hand on his sword, he looked alertly about him. There was no reason to suppose men lied when they said that Alkmeenon was empty and deserted, haunted only by the ghosts of the dead past. But it was Conan's nature to be suspicious and wary. The silence was primordial; not even a leaf quivered on a branch. When he bent to peer under the trees, he saw nothing but the marching rows of trunks, receding and receding into the blue gloom of the deep woods.

Nevertheless he went warily, sword in hand, his restless eyes combing the shadows from side to side, his springy tread making no sound on the sward. All about him he saw signs of an ancient civilization; marble fountains, voiceless and crumbling, stood in circles of slender trees whose patterns were too symmetrical to have been a chance of nature. Forest-growth and underbrush had invaded the evenly planned groves, but their outlines were still visible. Broad pavements ran away under the trees, broken, and with. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Driven solely by a thief's desire to get his musclebound mitts upon the fabled Teeth of Gwahlur, priceless jewels wrenched from 'the king of darkness, in the birth of the world,' Conan makes an audacious play to ingratiate himself with those who hold the secret to their whereabouts.

He soon finds him

It's hard to give Howard's original Conan stories less than five stars.

Conan seeks the (in)famous treasure of Keshia; the jewels of Gwahlur aka the Teeth of Gwahlur. In this exciting, epic action story one shall find death lurking in the shadows, blood, not so much sword fighting and thrilling moments where the Cimmerian protagonist struggles through stealth most of th

Plot after plot, twist after turn, this story's about as exciting as any other Conan story, albeit even a little more prejudiced than most others, from modern standpoint.

Never thought I would read a Conan related book. Found the Audio version, and thought I would give it a go. Started a little slow with a lot of scenery descriptions.

Excelent Story

Do you like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and National Treasure? You'll LOVE the Jewels of Gwalhur. It starts out with Conan as a treasure hunter, and then throws you headfirst into deception, conniving, and power plays that'll keep you second guessing nearly every character.

Such a good story.

And once

The first story was quite entertaining. The second in this book was annoying, as it was just getting interesting when it halted, an incomplete work. What is the point of including an incomplete work in a fine special volume. Regardless, this was set to receive 3 stars, but for the very nice painting

Just a little snack of a book, but quite entertaining, a fast-paced adventure with Egyptian-type gods, priceless jewels, and a manly hero to swan around fighting and rescuing a buxom beauty.

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