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Jo's Boys

Louisa May Alcott

Book Overview: 

Jo’s Boys is the third book in the Little Women trilogy by Louisa May Alcott. In it, Jo’s “children”, now grown, are caught up in real world troubles. All three books – although fiction – are highly autobiographical and describe characters that were really in Alcott’s life. This book contains romance as the childhood playmates become flirtatious young men and women. The characters are growing up, going out into the world and deciding their futures.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Dan plunged at once into the history of what he saw among the Dakotas, and other tribes in the Northwest, telling of their wrongs, patience, and courage as if they were his brothers.

'They called me Dan Fire Cloud, because my rifle was the best they ever saw. And Black Hawk was as good a friend as a fellow would want; saved my life more than once, and taught me just what will be useful if I go back. They are down on their luck, now, and I'd like to pay my debts.'

By this time everyone was interested, and Dansville began to lose its charm. But prudent Mr Bhaer suggested that one honest agent among many could not do much, and noble as the effort would be, it was wiser to think over the matter carefully, get influence and authority from the right quarters, and meantime look at lands before deciding.

'Well, I will. I'm going to take a run to Kansas and see how that promises. Met a fellow in 'Frisco who'd been there, and he spoke well of it. Th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Finally! I started reading this as soon as I finished Little Men, but didn't really get into so put it down for a few months. Around page 150 I suddenly got hooked on the stories within the book (because every chapter in an Alcott novel has its own individual plot) and read a few chapters every day

A long, sometimes tedious, but almost always charming epilogue to Little Women and Little Men. Alcott wrote it in 1886, eighteen years after Little Women and two years before her death. She must have known, feeling the effects of mercury poisoning from her time as a Civil War nurse, that the lights


If you’ve read the previous books in the series, this is more of the same. Nothing spectacular but a perfectly pleasant lazy-day read. I’m glad I read these books but I very much doubt I’ll ever return to them.

Taking place ten years after Little Men, Jo’s Boys shows us the Plumfield clan—led by our aging friends from the original story--growing up. Alcott makes you care deeply about her boys and her girls, giving each dramas of their own. Dan becomes a rough and rugged anti-hero, Nat a tempted world-trave

My A-Z challenge for the year with the lovely and vivacious Karly and Kristin has officially begun!

A is for Alcott

Let the games begin....

I always find that reviewing an Alcott book is a bit difficult. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with her. I read Little Women only a few years ago at the

Jo's Boys is my personal favourite in the Little Women series. The book really touched me on an emotional level, especially Dan's story line and I was a little sad that he did not get a conventional 'happy ending' like the other boys did.

Better lose your life than your soul
Jo's Boys ~~ Louisa May Alcott


And thus, we come to the end of the March Family saga … Better known for Little Women and Little Men, Louisa May Alcott concluded the story of her feisty protagonist Jo in this final novel chronicling the adventures and misadvent

There's a certain sense of emptiness that only booklovers will know. Upon closing a dear book and saying goodbye to its variety of language and characters, it can often feel like some precious part of one's soul is left behind and lost forever. And here I am; with a bittersweet lump in my throat and

The book, ladies and gentlemen: (I very much tried to make everything chronological. Anything that isn't, such as Josie whining about acting or whenever the Professor decides to grace the world with his presence, is completely due to my lack of remembrance and also my utter lack of desire to go back

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