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Uncle Vanya

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Book Overview: 

Uncle Vanya (subtitled “Scenes From Country Life”) is a tragicomedy by Anton Chekhov. It is set on the failing country estate of a retired professor, Serebrakoff, who returns after a long absence with his beautiful young wife, and throws the household into confusion. Rivalry, unrequited love, illicit romance, and attempted suicide are the result, punctuated throughout by Chekhov’s sad, wistful humor.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .VOITSKI. [Sarcastically] Oh, extremely!

HELENA. You are still young, not over thirty-six or seven, I should say, and I suspect that the woods do not interest you as much as you say they do. I should think you would find them monotonous.

SONIA. No, the work is thrilling. Dr. Astroff watches over the old woods and sets out new plantations every year, and he has already received a diploma and a bronze medal. If you will listen to what he can tell you, you will agree with him entirely. He says that forests are the ornaments of the earth, that they teach mankind to understand beauty and attune his mind to lofty sentiments. Forests temper a stern climate, and in countries where the climate is milder, less strength is wasted in the battle with nature, and the people are kind and gentle. The inhabitants of such countries are handsome, tractable, sensitive, graceful in speech and gesture. Their philosophy is joyous, art and science blossom among them, their t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

"Oh, yes! I used to be an inspiring personality who never inspired anybody!
Vanya Act I

Random fact: Vanya translates to Joe in English. The literal title of Chekhov's play in English is Uncle Joe.

This review is both on Chekhov's play, and David Mamet's translation. Uncle Vanya is often r...more

Another great Anton Chekhov play. I’m not really sure what it is I love about Chekhov, though if I had to narrow it down I might attribute that love to some of his more pitiable characters—think Lubov Andreyevna, for example, or Treplev from The Seagull. Or I might say that there’s a kind of understatedness to his plot...more

Дядя Ваня = Dyadya Vanya = Uncle Vanya, Anton Chekhov
Uncle Vanya is a play by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. It was first published in 1898. The play portrays the visit of an elderly professor and his glamorous, much younger second wife, Yelena, to the rural estate that supports thei...more

The Reduced Shakespeare Company performed a shortened version of Uncle Vanya on their BBC radio show, which contained only three lines:

Are you Uncle Vanya?
I am.
[Gunshot sounds]

“One hundred years from now, the people who come after us, for whom our li...more

- "انك لم تذق في حياتك للسعادة طعماً ولكن صبراً يا خال فانيا... صبراً فسوف ننعم بالراحة... سننعم بالراحة"، هذه نهاية المسرحية، وما قالته سونيا لخالها فانيا، الخال الذي امضى حياته يكد ويتعب في خدمة "وهم" البروفيسور العالم المثقف... والذي فطن الى نفسه بعد ان فات الفوت ومضى الميعاد!

- الو...more

عن الشقيانين و كل عزاءهم أنهم سيرتاحون فى الجنة و لا أمل لهم مطلقا فى الراحة تحت هذه الشمس و فوق هذه الأرض

هو الحليم اذا غضب.. هو البعير اذا هلك
العم فانيا سيجعلك تتساءل :هل للطحالب جذور؟
هل هناك ما يحول *السلبيين* لقوى محركة؟
مع تشيكوف لن تجد ندابون و لا أبطال
لا اصباغ و لا مكياج . .

الخال فانيا الذي اضاع حياته هباء، يتنازل عن حصته في الإقطاعية لأخته ويعمل من اجل اخته وزوجها البروفيسور الاستاذ الكبير ليقوم بالانفاق على أبحاثه.

تموت اخته ويتزوج البروفيسور الذي اصبح عجوزا امرأة شابة يقع الجميع في غرامها ومنهم الخال فانيا.

الحياة في الإقطاعية مملة جدا وآلة...more

Uncle Vanya was completed by Russian playwright, author and doctor Anton Chekhov in 1897 and first produced in Moscow in 1899. This fairly complicated interaction between a group of people, secluded in a country estate is filled with dramatic irony and with overwhelming themes of introspection, e...more

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