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The Upper Berth and By the Waters of Paradise

F. Marion Crawford

Book Overview: 

Mr Brisbane details his adventures after booking a lower berth in a haunted stateroom on the steamship Kamtschatka.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I will come to you."

I offered the doctor a cigar, which he took and examined very critically.[Pg 26]

"It is not so much the damp," he remarked. "However, I dare say you will get on very well. Have you a room-mate?"

"Yes; a deuce of a fellow, who bolts out in the middle of the night and leaves the door open."

Again the doctor glanced curiously at me. Then he lit the cigar and looked grave.

"Did he come back?" he asked presently.

"Yes. I was asleep, but I waked up and heard him moving. Then I felt cold and went to sleep again. This morning I found the porthole open."

"Look here," said the doctor, quietly, "I don't care much for this ship. I don't care a rap for her reputation. I tell you what I will do. I have a good-sized place up here. I will share it with you,[Pg 27] though I don't know you from Adam."

I was very much surprised at the proposition. I could not imagine why he should take such a sud. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is a straight-up ghost story from the late 1800s. I read this story as part of the collection 'Roald Dahl's book of Ghost Stories'. It is the last one. It has some good atmosphere and it was rather predictable.

This story is unusual in that it takes place on an ocean liner crossing the Atlantic

As I read (or rather listened to) F. Marion Crawford’s short story The Upper Berth I became aware that I had read it before, at least once, if not twice. The American author F. Marion Crawford wrote many novels, and numerous articles, but he is most famous now for his weird and fantastic stories. Ot

This is my favourite type of classic ghostly tale; one that includes an unexplained occurrence in a much-avoided location and a protagonist determined to solve the unsolvable. The sea setting added a unique twist and despite this being no more than a novella's length story, many more twists and an u

So much creepy. I'm used to older horror stories being lackluster, compared to modern standards, but this was actually pretty enjoyable. A frequent ship traveler finds himself in a berth whose porthole keeps opening. At first he blames his cabin-mate, but soon learns that strange happenings are comm

Brisbane is a sea faring man and tells his eerie story late at night to a crowd of eager listeners. What is so special with cabin 105 and why does the port hole opens up by itself after being closed properly? On the Kamtschatka passengers regularly go overboard. Are Brisbane and the captain able to

Another creeper of a story. It would fit in well with Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

One of my favorite things to do as I read a novel is to look up books mentioned by the author, and Agatha Christie did this for Francis Marion Crawford's short story "The Upper Berth". As the quotes below from Christie's The Man in the Brown Suit.

“You know you told me to get Cabin 17 for an office?”

Brilliantly creepy. I read it in Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories, and it was one of the standout stories in that volume. I definitely want to reread this one!

I reckon it's a complete coincidence that there was a ghost on today's episode of The Love Boat. (Please don't judge; I didn't have the clicker). That ghost was encouraging his... widowed wife?... to pick a new mate... I think. (I wasn't paying close attention, and was trying to read this at the sam

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