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The Young Carthaginian

G. A. Henty

Book Overview: 

Typically, Henty's heroes are boys of pluck in troubled times, and this is no different. Detailed research is embellished with a vivid imagination, especially in this novel set in the Punic wars, about which knowledge is limited

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .the mighty city, the gathered crowd, all excited their astonishment, and their white teeth glistened as they chatted incessantly with a very babel of laughter and noise.

Not less light hearted were the chosen band of young nobles grouped by the general's ship. Their horses were held in ranks behind them for the last time by their slaves, for in future they would have to attend to them themselves, and as they gathered in groups they laughed and jested over the last scandal in Carthage, the play which had been produced the night before at the theatre, or the horse race which was to be run on the following day. As to the desperate work on which they were to be engaged—for it was whispered that Hannibal had in preparation some mighty enterprise—it troubled them not at all, nor the thought that many of them might never look on Carthage again. In their hearts perhaps some of them, like Malchus, were thinking sadly of the partings they had just gone throug. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A fun book about a time I didn't know much about. The author does a pretty good job of transporting you back to give you a view of what life was like during the time of Hannibal. I enjoyed it, but someone who already knows a lot about this time likely would not. It is an era I haven't studied, howev

Like Cat of Babastes, this book is about non-English history. It was a great book. One of Henry's best for sticking to the story and filling in details. If you are the type of reader who samples a lot of different authors this must be one of the Henry books you try.
I personally love Henry and inten

This was our second G.A. Henty book (following after The Cat of Bubastes). Henty wrote historical fiction, typically crafting a fictional narrative within a highly accurate historical context. In this case he traced the efforts of Hannibal to conquer Rome on behalf of Carthage. I enjoyed the story w

Meh. The history aspect was interesting enough. The repetitiveness of it all was a bit too much. I just don't get on with Henty in the best way.... 2.5 stars.

I grew up reading G.A. Henty, and, while I admit I often found his books boring, I love coming back to them now for the history. His books are geared more toward boys than girls, but I have always found them to be interesting, engaging, and informative. Henty was a thorough and meticulous historian,

A strange but entertaining read

The novel is written in an of way that employs historical story telling, some present tense, some past tense. It’s mostly 3rd person but jumps into first occasionally. Really odd. But a great tale of the Punic wars. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

70% книги схожі на дуже довгу статтю з вікіпедії куди автор додав діалоги для галочки. Найвідоміші битви другої пунічної війни розкриті скупо, персонажі не деталізовані.
З іншого боку, життя і політична ситуація в Карфагені на передодні війни описані досить цікаво. Одним словом - читається, хоч і бе

Very dense. Hard to get started, but interesting.

While it started out slow, the book picked up pace about half way through. There was also substantially more history in this book than the telling of a fictional story. As a history buff, I didn't mind it in the least. But others looking for a compelling story might be a bit bored.

I first read the Young Carthaginian as a child.

Back then the Romans were popularly seen as the good guys, the civilising force of order against the barbarian hordes. To read this through the eyes of a young Carthaginian officer, a cousin to the dreaded Hannibal was groundbreaking for me.

Malchus is a

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