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Five Little Peppers Midway | Margaret Sidney

Book Overview

Five Little Peppers Midway is the joyous continuation of the Pepper family's story. A snooty cousin comes to stay with the Peppers, and yet even this can't dampen the joy the Pepper children feel about the wonderful prospect of Mamsie's upcoming wedding!

Book Excerpt

Book Excerpt: 
. . .per room, and was out of the door.

"If I ever did!" cried Alexia irritably to herself, "see anything so queer! Now she thinks she must race after those boys. I wish I'd kept still. Jasper, she's just as funny as ever," as he came up with a plate of salad, and some oysters. "Who?" said the boy; "is this right, Alexia?" offering the plate.

"Why, Polly," said Alexia; "yes, that's lovely," with a comforted glance at the plate and its contents. "Oh! she's gone off, Mr. Alstyne," to that gentleman, approaching with Polly's ice. "You can't expect her to stay for the goodies," beginning to nibble at her own.

"Where is she?" cried Mr. Alstyne, laughing, and sweeping the room with his brown eyes. "Oh! I see," his glance lighting on the Whitney boys' corner.

"Yes, she told me to tell you," said Alexia, between her mouthfuls of salad and oyster, "where she is," as he started.

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Community Reviews

Community Reviews


I definitely liked the first book best of all, but this one is also great. I don't love the way the servants are treated in this one, but other than that it's a lovely story continuing the lives of the Peppers.

This book came to my library from my childhood bookshelves. I don't know how many times I tried to read it, but could never figure out the characters. Which of the eight kids were the "five little Peppers"? Who was Jasper? Was he another child? A servant? What was his place in the household? How wer

Probably if I’m completely honest, I’d give this 2.5 or 2 stars. I ended up doing a whole lot of skimming. Cringe. I know. I wanted to like this classic - like, really like it. But, I didn’t care that much. It’s terrible of me.

One reason for my skimming was that Sidney felt the need for every singl

Still had a blast rereading this. The Pepper clan is just the sweetest. Loyal and true to a fault, they brangle with each other, but loyalty is bone deep in all of them. Family!

Nineteenth-century children's classic

This is Book 2 in the Five Little Peppers series of nineteenth century children's books. Book 1 is Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. This book contains more adventures of the Pepper family of five children and their widowed mother, whom they call "Mamsie."


I had never read this book before and did so only only out of curiosity. I'm sorry that I did. It has two truly racist scenes: one involving Phronsie and the King's black cook, and the other involving a black dollmaker who makes Phronsie a black rag doll (judging by the description, the doll is a so

The five Pepper siblings have a lovely life living with Mr. King in his mansion. They are all studying hard, but Polly studies harder than anyone, practicing her music so she can be a music teacher someday. When Mr. King's cranky relation Mrs. Chatterton comes to stay, she makes trouble for the whol

The Peppers books (I re read the first last year) only kind of hold up for me as an adult. Their grinding poverty is so apparent to me now, wasn't as a kid. Also I now can't stand Joel, he is always screaming or fighting! As others have said, everything is a Big Deal drama with the Pepper kids, with

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