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Five Little Peppers Grown Up | Margaret Sidney

Book Overview

Five Little Peppers Grown Up continues the story of Ben, Polly, Joel, David, and Phronsie Pepper. Together with the Kings, the Whitneys, and other friends old and new, the Peppers learn and teach about life and love as they grow into adulthood.

Book Excerpt

Book Excerpt: 
. . .Polly, left alone; and springing out of her chair, she began to pace the floor. "Now it will be perfectly dreadful for Mr. Bayley. Grandpapa will be very angry; he never liked him; and now he can't help showing what he feels. Oh! why did Mr. Bayley speak."

"Polly," called Jasper's voice, out in the hall.

For the first time in her life, she felt like running away from his call. "Oh! I can't go out; he'll guess something is the matter," she cried to herself.

"Polly?" and there was a rap at the door.

"Yes," said Polly from within.

"Can I see you a minute?"

Polly slowly opened the door, and tried to lift her brown eyes to his face.

"Oh, Polly," he pretended not to notice any thing amiss with her, "I came to tell you first; and you can help me to break it to father."

"Oh, what is it?" cried Polly, looki. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Community Reviews

I got the first book at Goodwill, and it was sweet, so I did a quick wikipedia search on the others to see if any were worth pursuing. Most looked bad, but this one lured me with the promise of romance for Polly, and boy was I rewarded. Polly fields four proposals in this book, even though we all kn

Always a soft spot for the pepper family


A few sleepless nights have gotten me deep into this series.

Entertaining, G-rated, classic children’s book

This book was written in 1892 as a contemporary novel, and the fashions and social attitudes reflect that era. There are no automobiles, only horse-drawn carriages, and when the characters travel long distance, they take a train.

The events in this story

I really love this series...been a long time since I've read any of the books in it...more

The five Pepper children are mostly grown up now. Polly is quite a young lady in society, but her greatest dream is to teach music lessons like she always planned. However, there are quite a few young gentlemen who have been captured by her beauty and her sweet manner. Polly is distressed by their a

Oh my, how I loved this books as a child. They were very dear to me and are firmly entrenched into my memory strong enough to have become parts of my character. There are is a veritable plethora of life examples and lessons to be learned through these works of literature that take us back to a simpl

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