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Millenials, Gen Y and Gen X'ers! Tired of being counted out, called lazy and disengaged? Frustrated that the old rules of success don't work in today's world? Young Hustlers is the weekly web series to tune into. Each week get the solid advice, tips and tools needed to thrive in today’s marketplace. Hosted by NY Times Bestselling Author and International Sales Expert, Grant Cardone and his millennial protégé Jarrod Glandt, VP of Sales, Cardone Training Technologies, Young Hustlers tackles the important topics affecting young adults ages 18-33. Be entertained, informed and inspired to take control of your life, finances, business, career and relationships. When you have hustle, greatness is always within reach. Tune in each Thursday 1:00 pm EST.

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180: How to Build Your Pitch

Once you’re in your sales presentation, how can you be more effective? Here are 3 quick tips to follow as you build out your pitch:

The Why—this will involve your story. It sets up how and why you’re different. Here is where you give background. You want to focus on why your product is different. This is important in hooking your customer. You must differentiate here.

The How—this is where you transition to the features and how it benefits the customer. You must tailor this to the customer from what you find in the fact-finding phase. How do these benefits help your customer solve their problem?

The What—this is where you tell the client what it’s going to do for them. You quantify what it’s worth.

Build your pitch out right and your presentation will make sales!

179: Business Cycle vs Sales Cycle

The business cycle is where you market, you drive them into a sales cycle, and repeat. A sales cycle is when a customer shows interest, you qualify, select a product, and close. Most people don’t have money when they start a business so it’s difficult for them to do a business cycle.

This is why the solopreneur will never work, because they are stuck in the sales cycle over and over again. The internet has allowed many people now to get into a business cycle but even then, the solopreneur can’t get big because they can’t fill in the sales process, meaning they don’t have the resources to call back all the people that don’t convert through the business cycle.

As an entrepreneur, you can live in the business cycle and just spend money online advertising for traffic, and whatever converts, converts—but if you want to build a company you have to be able to execute the sales cycle. Big companies live in the business cycle, and they spend to fund the business cycle. Big corporations spend less time in the sales cycle and more time in the business cycle. Companies raise money so they can bypass the sales cycle and go straight to the business cycle. You don’t want to be dependent upon on a sales cycle but you must be able to get good at the sales cycle.

178: How to Ask Great Questions

Questions are the key to every deal in your life. Questions reveal problems, and people buy to solve problems. Your job in sales is to figure out what those problems are. You don’t want the customer feel like they are being interrogated, but you need to be a detective so that you can put together pieces of information. Questions give you the ammunition you need to actually get a deal done.

1. Always focus on previous purchases/experiences
2. Questions should never be irrelevant
3. Always get answers to your questions.

Far too often a salesperson will go down a path of determining a client's needs and never get an answer. You must get your questions answered even when the customer appears closed off and resistant to providing information. Asking questions is NOT control. Getting answers will allow you to control the sales cycle.

177: 3 Ingredients For Success

Most people skip over the basics of sales. You have to develop or you will be stacking skills upon a weak foundation. You want to understand, not just duplicate. If you don’t know why you’ll never know how.
Here are 3 ingredients to sales success that you need to get right from the very beginning as a foundation to have sustained, future success:

1. Commitment—this is something people always pass up. Are you committed to your craft and your company?
2. Conviction—do you have the ability to demonstrate your belief that your product is the best solution for your customer? You need certainty to sell.
3. Activity—no matter how committed you are, how much conviction you have, at the end of the day action is all the ultimately matters.

176: Is Your Sales Pipeline Broken?

What does your pipeline represent to you? Income. An abundant pipeline will give you more security, more confidence, and more choices. Sales Pipeline needs two things.
1. Quantity
2. Quality
Most people have this flipped and go for quality first. This is wrong. You can’t be narrow; you need to throw a big net out. Don’t get focused on the perfect customer. If your pipeline is broken, you probably feel rejection. Your pipeline should be so full that losing a customer feels like a relief.
Indicators your pipeline is broken include feeling rejection, desperation, and you’re underperforming. 3 tips to fill your pipeline:
1. Identify ever source that can to feed your pipeline. This includes your powerbase and everyone you come into contact with.
2. Map out your plan to get to those contacts. You need to plan out your day!
3. Crank up the activity. Your inflow will depend on your outflow.

175: How Money Can Increase Your Sales

If you make $150,000 or less, you really need to focus on your money. If you don’t have a money mindset, you will start thinking you’ve made it when you start making just a little bit of money. That is grossly underestimating how expensive life is because when you start doing the math, even a salary of $150,000 goes quick. It’s expensive to live and you need to focus on your money. If you’re not motivated by money, you need to be. It’s not about popping bottles at the club, it’s about survival. Just because you think money is important doesn’t mean you’re greedy. Jarrod’s advice:

1. Make decision to thrive, not just survive.
2. Get real about your money targets. 100k is nowhere near enough.
3. Know the math. You must know exactly what it will take to get the life you want.

174: How to Handle Objections

Remember it takes pressure to create anything valuable. Learn to apply some pressure because you’re the best person to do business with and have the best product in the marketplace. Don’t let stalls end the pitch. Come up with responses to the phrases you hear so you can push past the objections and get sales. The first thing you do when you hear an objection, treat it as a complaint. “I’m with you.” Set the price up front. This way the client can start thinking about the deal with value in mind. If someone says something us too much money, it usually isn’t price, it may be the value they see in their mind, or the fact they feel they won’t use the product, the objection isn’t the money!

173: How to Win More Sales on the Phone

Jarrod Glandt and Grant Cardone on Young Hustlers: Can you make a call that gets people to take interest in you? Are you not ready to get on the phone, do you avoid it like the plague?

Here are 4 things every salesperson needs:

1. Confront the beast— If you are afraid of calling people, you’ll never get over it until you actually start calling people. Ignoring it will never make it go away, you must confront your fear.

2. Set the intention— Make sure to set your intention right at the beginning of your pitch. You have to set that hook immediately and let the customer know where both of you stand. You have to make it past that first 15 seconds

3. Be concise— There’s no time to chit chat, get to the point. I don’t want anyone asking me about the weather, it’s a waste of my time. If you’re not concise you will be irritating.

4. Call to action— Do you have a call to action, are you working off a script? Success rewards preparation.

172: Selling Value vs Price

You don’t discount price to close a deal, but that doesn’t mean you don’t use price to negotiate. There is a time and a place for everything, so there is a time to discount. The best way to handle price is inventory. To build value you have to have a lot of choices. Use price to stir up the market and to stir up traffic. Discounting without inventory choices won’t work, and price doesn’t matter if you don’t have volume with it. Build so much value that you don’t need to discount. Increasing service is a great way to build value. There are 3 things you need to know going into a deal. In order to find a buyer, you need to find someone

1.) who is the decision maker
2.) has the ability to purchase
3.) has urgency to buy.

Watch Young Hustlers every Thursday at 12noon EST for sales tips to make your hustle profitable!

171: Why You Hate Sales

The hustle and the grind is not about the push and shove, it’s to make your life easier. You push a car through the mud not because you like the pushing but because you want the car in a different place. If you don’t want to learn sales, you are selfish. People that are satisfied are selfish. So many people need help out there, and if you are satisfied then you are only concerned about yourself. Get rich to help others…it’s not just a money game, it’s a freedom game. That’s power. It’s the ability to say no to people. You can’t have freedom without money, so learn the art of sales!

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