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It’s Time

For all of the people out there who think they have more time to do the things they want, I'm here to be a loving interruption. We are not guaranteed any more time than the breath we are taking in this very moment. Our lives could end at any minute -- so how are we choosing to live? I recorded this 5 Min Friday almost 2 years ago, and it's become super popular since then. So when my friends at Fearless Motivation asked if they could do an adaptation of one of my pieces, I knew this was a solid choice. They added some epic music, and it took the message to a whole new level. The reason I'm re-posting it today is because the message is as relevant in this minute as it was when I first recorded it. It's time in Episode 510.

How I Use Faith, Mindset, and Positivity to Thrive: Cadillac Confessions

I don't do many Q&A's. Those are pretty much reserved for my coaching students in our online academies. But every once in a while, by popular demand, I get behind the wheel of my El Dorado Biarritz and drive the streets of LA while answering questions from fans of the show. It's a good time and I never know what you're going to ask -- so you get juicy details out of me! That's why we call it Cadillac Confessions. Today's episode is the third time we've done this and some new stuff came up for me.

Coffee Conversations

I convinced my best friend Matt (known as Cesar on social media) to work with me 2 years ago. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. He is analytical and calm when I dream big and want to take action right away. He runs a huge part of the business and I don't know where I'd be without him. Since so many people have asked me about my team and how we work together, we decided to sit down and do a twist on the solo round format. This time, Cesar is asking me questions and we talk about how we've created the business as it stands today. We also end up telling a ton of stories I don't think I've ever shared on the podcast before.

You Already Have the Answer

Even if you're afraid of failing. Even if you think everyone else around you is smarter than you. Even if you second guess yourself constantly. It's time. There are limitless sources to find "the answers." But if you just keep looking, you'll never take action and move forward. You are only looking because you are afraid. It's time to act on the answers you already have in Episode 507.

Lilly Singh: Becoming Your Own Superhero Bawse

You've never seen her on mainstream TV shows, movies, chart-topping singles, or billboard albums. But you probably have seen her videos on YouTube (or a clip on Facebook). Lilly Singh started making YouTube videos after battling severe depression in college. She started to re-connect with her childhood creativity and she started to get good at it. Good led to great, which led to millions of YouTube fans, huge entertainment opportunities, and one of the most recognized faces in the online entertainment community. And she's just getting started.

Justin Baldoni: Redefining Masculinity and Overcoming Ego

Justin Baldoni is currently best known currently for his lead role on the hit show Jane the Virgin. But he's been creating extraordinary work in film long before that. In fact, I'm betting you've seen some of his best work -- as a director -- on YouTube. Do you remember a few years back the incredible videos of people who were in their last days, fighting terminal illnesses, and sharing their stories? That was Justin's documentary, My Last Days, the most watched digital documentary in history. Or maybe you saw the video of him proposing to his wife (that went viral).

Own Your Worth

There's no replacement for self-worth friends. You can seek it everywhere, but you'll only find it in yourself. So the sooner you learn to value your worth, both as a human being and as an income earner, the sooner you'll create the life of your dreams. This is a crucial lesson on the road to greatness, and I remember how long it took me to really get clear on my worth. But once I did, I never undersold myself again. I'm inviting you to do the same, in all areas of life, in Episode 504.  

7 Steps to a Bulletproof Life with Chris Lee

Truly. Coach Chris Lee is a longtime podcast favorite (this is his 12th episode on the show!) and there's no mistake about why. Not only has he had a massive impact on my life as my coach, from the first time I took his workshop through today, but he has generously shared his wisdom with us on the show for years. There's a reason I keep bringing him back on. Chris knows the human psyche and heart really well. He understands why we do what we do and how to elevate our whole lives to the next level. That's what he's been coaching me on for years.

Find Freedom Through Using Your Voice with Bethany Mota

7 years later she is one of the top YouTube creators, with over 10 million followers on that platform alone. She is an author, singer, brand ambassador, influencer, speaker . . . and she's 21 years old. I first heard about Bethany Mota when I saw a massive swarm of fans flocking to her at VidCon a couple of years back. Then I kept hearing about her when I learned about the biggest channels on YouTube. So when I finally met her last week to record the podcast, I was curious about what she'd actually be like. I was blown away by how smart, thoughtful, and wise she was.

You Are the Inspiration

"When you have the courage to chase your dreams, you inspire others to chase theirs too. Don't give up, you never know who you're inspiring." Yes, you! You are the inspiration to so many people and you probably will never know who they are. As many people as you look up to and are inspired by, the same goes for you. The people who are in your life are looking at your example and seeing the quiet persistence with which you are going after your goals. There's no mistake about who you are, what you are up to, and where you have been placed in life. You are here to be an inspiration - so keep going. Sharing my thoughts on this in 5 Minute Friday Episode 501.  

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