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Summer McStravick

Podcast Overview

What if you woke up every day feeling that your life was a work of art that took shape hour by hour, culminating in a lifetime of satisfaction and achievement? And what if you, the artist, were able to sculpt the events and opportunities in your future not merely through physical action, but by using a far more powerful and subtle type of energy? There is such an energy, and it stirs just below the surface of life, creating blueprints for everything that erupts into your physical existence. And you can learn to use it. The art of Flowdreaming reveals a powerful, precise, and beautiful method for manifesting that’s surprisingly easy and which teaches you to understand life as a flow of events and opportunities ripe for your shaping. Join host Summer McStravick, the inventor of Flowdreaming, as she takes your calls and helps you tackle all kinds of problem areas with this powerful philosophy and her laser-like insight into your Flow. Guided daydreaming, or Flowdreaming, can move your back into the natural, positive Flow of your life--the direction of your highest good and happiness, where everything is easy for you and miracles are daily events. If your life is full of obstacles or frustration, then you’re swimming upstream. Turn yourself around, with Flowdreaming.

Podcast Episodes

Traveling & Moving

Traveling, moving, starting a job at a new workplace — all are examples of having to get accustomed to a new energy around you. Moving and traveling (while exciting!) also tax your energy in more ways than you know. Summer helps you become protected and strong so you settle into your new adventure in record time.

Hiding, or Ready to Be Seen?

Many of us reach a certain point in life where we begin to feel that in order to fully serve our purpose, we need somehow go bigger … and going bigger means BEING SEEN. This means that you can no longer hide behind fear, insecurity, not being good enough, or any form of self-doubt. Your message becomes larger than your fear, and finally trumps it! All the most successful teachers, leaders, and talents have fully embraced the feeling of being seen. It doesn’t scare them to stand in the front of the line. Today, we identify how you want to be seen, and what you may inadvertently be doing to stay hidden.

Moving Away from Survival Mode

Survival mode is the lowest point to which you’ll sink without “going under.” It’s where you get through each day on the bare minimum: of love, of income, of joy, or anything else. Get some understanding of why and how you drop to this point, and how to begin moving up and away from it.

Everyone Needs to Fail Big At Least Once  

Did your partner break up with you? Did your boss fire you? Did you business collapse or simply simmer into oblivion? GOOD! Everyone needs the experience of a Big Fail in their lives. Learn why, and how this a critical part of your growth in Flow.

Who’s Anxious? Not Me.

That feeling that sweeps through you? The dread? The fear? The lingering cloud of worry and pressure? That’s anxiety. It doesn’t have to be there. We play with ways to dispel anxiety instantly as we take power over our emotional life. Get more with the Immediate Relief from Depression or Anxiety Playlist at

Unexpected Happy Surprises

Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel like at any moment, you might have an unexpected, happy surprise? Let’s create that. We spend time in Flow allowing our lives to offer us something that tickles our daydreams — something so gorgeous we could never dream it up ourselves. Check out the Essential Flowdreams (Best of) Playlist at to program your Flow to answer every one of your wishes with “Yes!”

Shifting Takes Time

Awkward. Not yourself. Not there yet. Pressured. All these are signs of shifting. Some of us take longer to shift into new situations, or to adjust to new people. See what Flow says about how fluidly we move from encounter to encounter. You’ve probably never thought of it before. Check out the Restored, Aligned & In Control Playlist at

Self-Love Extravaganza

Courage, power, vision. No more settling for second-best! Self-love means you have endless capacity to feel love. It means you love and accept everything about yourself. It means you free yourself from any tie that weakens you or dis-empowers you. Fill up on a huge dose of self-appreciation and care with today’s Flowdream.

Co-Creating New or Better Friends

Flow can help you connect to new people, or help your current friendships flourish. Friends move in and out of our lives in cycles, and it’s important to remember that friendships, like most things, need periodic refreshing. Listen to this episode’s Flowdream to generate more friendship energy in your life. Explore the Good Friends and Emotional Intimacy Playlist at

Negative Nellies Havin’ Me Down

None of us like to believe the Worst First. But yeah…sometimes we do. Sometimes we get sucked in. You hear about that smarmy scoundrel and you blaze with anger. But what if you’re just getting sucked into a victim story? This episode, we look at how powerful people STAY powerful. We drop into how strong, agile, pre-active people receive stories — victim stories, poor-me stories, as well as equally strong stories. Hint: The kind of stories you receive tells you loads about YOU. Get more with No More Negativity: Feel Safety, Sunlight and Ease Playlist at

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