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The Briefing 06-30-17

Harry Potter at 20: What will be the legacy of J.K. Rowling's fantasy series 'Harry Potter'? || The iPhone turns 10: Who owns whom? Do we own the iPhone, or does the iPhone own us? || Religious liberty vs. sexual liberty: How "dignitary harm" could completely reshape the conversation

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The Briefing 06-29-17

The politics of abortion: 25 years ago today, SCOTUS handed down the infamous Casey decision || Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has played an outsize role in America's culture wars || Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards thinks she can change America's conscience on abortion. Will she? || Church of CrossFit? Why gyms and other secular communities are replacing church for many today

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The Briefing 06-28-17

Geographic virtue signaling: Four more 'discriminatory' states added to California's state travel ban || 'No religion' now Australia's number one religion? No, but new census data reveals secularizing trend || NPR highlights importance of fathers for children's well-being—are they listening to their own report?

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The Briefing 06-27-17

SCOTUS story #1: Big win for religious liberty as Supreme Court rules 7-2 in favor of Trinity Lutheran || SCOTUS story #2: Unanimous Supreme Court decision upholds most of President Trump's travel ban || SCOTUS story #3: SCOTUS reverses AR Supreme Court, disestablishing biology-based birth registration || SCOTUS story #4: Supreme Court to hear momentous gay wedding cake case on religious liberty next term

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The Briefing 06-26-17

A reversal of medical logic: Families are now suing doctors for saving the lives of their loved ones || What our relationship with animals reveals to us about ourselves and the glory of God || The surprising reason why the New York Times discontinued their "engagements" section in 1994

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The Briefing 06-23-17

The history of "Born this way" and why the LGBT movement is phasing it out as a slogan || What does it say about the LGBT revolution that "Pride" events are now more corporate & less radical? || Childhood redefined: Antidepressants for 6-year-olds, Botox for 8-year-olds, & no playing in the sand?

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The Briefing 06-22-17

5th straight special election victory for GOP in Georgia raises questions of Democratic Party identity || What is the Queen's Speech? Important differences between the British and American forms of government || A modern monarchy in historical context: Why Saudi Arabia rewrote its hereditary monarchy's succession

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The Briefing 06-21-17

London terror attack targeting Muslim community center exposes challenges Islam faces in the West || What is the role of government? The aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in London that killed 79 || The question of legacy after Bill Cosby's sexual assault accusations and mistrial

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The Briefing 06-20-17

Did Christians start the wedding wars? It isn't Christianity whose definition of marriage changed. || Digital age parenting: Do we really have to be told Amazon's 'Alexa' doesn't make a good parent? || The New Yorker discovers St. Augustine: Sex and the priority of theology in Augustine's thought

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The Briefing 06-19-17

The illiberality of secularism: UK Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron resigns over Christian beliefs || With loss of theological vocabulary, society no longer knows what to say in the aftermath of tragedy

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