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The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria

W. Scott-Elliot

Book Overview: 

A theosophist and believer of the Occult, W. Scott-Elliot gives us a description of the history and structure of Atlantis and Lemuria, along with what he considers evidence of this.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .lemn ceremonial, consisting of water sprinkling, the sign of the cross, and prayers for the washing away of sin (see Humboldt's Mexican Researches and Prescott's Mexico).

In addition to baptism, the tribes of Mexico, Central America and Peru resembled the nations of the old world in their rites of confession, absolution, fasting, and marriage before priests by joining hands. They had even a ceremony resembling the Eucharist, in which cakes marked with the Tau (an Egyptian[11] form of cross) were eaten, the people calling them the flesh of their God. These exactly resemble the sacred cakes of Egypt and other eastern nations. Like these nations too, the people of the new world had monastic orders, male and female, in which broken vows were punished with death. Like the Egyptians they embalmed their dead, they worshipped sun, moon, and planets, but over and above these adored a Deity "omnipresent, who knoweth all things ... invisible, incorporeal, one God of perfec. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Book focuses more on geographical evolution than other important aspects!

This was the first serious study that I have made into the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria. It was not written as a science fiction as the writer believed that he received his information via a spirit. I actually need to re-read this story because I found it to be deeper than I was able to comprehen

Starts with some pseudo science about history being present in the collective-back-of-the-mind... i almost regret having read that part. But it's a short introduction. After that you get a good come-of-age tale in a historic sci-fi setting with amazing detail and tasteful distortion of pre-recorded

I didn’t know what to expect when starting this and am still not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into. I commend the author for being able to write so confidently scientific about a made-up subject, and enjoyed seeing his creativity. While I am glad to have learned that this is a book genre of it

This one isn't really my usual choice for reading. I picked it up because I read somewhere this this books was a big influence on fantasy author Robert E. Howard and the creation of his fictional Hyperborean world. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn't; I couldn't really tell. I also wonder if other early

Στα Ελληνικά εκδόθηκε το 1989 από τον "Πύρινο Κόσμο". Αν και φτηνή χαρτόδετη έκδοση, το βιβλίο διατηρείται αρκετά καλά, δεν έχουν καν κιτρινίσει οι σελίδες του.

Στον 19ο και στις αρχές 20ου αιώνα, έχουμε αρκετές ενδιαφέρουσες επιστημονικές ανακαλύψεις, όχι μόνο τεχνολογικές, αλλά ιδιαίτερα και στις α

Made me want to visit Nan Madol in Micronesia, Machu Pichu, and other
Ancient Places like Easter Islands

It's amazing that a book about complete nonsense could possibly have this much detail and sound so confidently scientific. Some of my favorite books are written by crackpots who try really hard to prove their obviously crazy theories with actual science or logic. It's always fun.

Should be read only by historians, ethnographers and the like. Too scientifically dry for a regular reader just seeking for amazing stories about Atlantis.

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