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Honoré de Balzac

Book Overview: 

This tale follows the undulating pathways of Sarrasine the sculptor’s shocking journey to his coming of age. As one of the “fathers of realism” Balzac painted with his words a vivid portrait of life in the swirling salons of Europe at the end of the Bourbon monarchy, and we follow Sarrasine from France to Italy in search of both his métier and his muse.
However it is also the story of La Zambinella, an Italian singer with whom Sarrasine falls madly and passionately in love. But that passion holds a secret which Sarrasine spies too late.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .remain beside him, affectionate and watchful, as if the touch of man, or the faintest breath, would shatter that extraordinary creature. The countess would try to draw nearer to him without apparently intending to join him; then, assuming a manner and an expression in which servility and affection, submissiveness and tyranny, were equally noticeable, she would say two or three words, to which the old man almost always deferred; and he would disappear, led, or I might better say carried away, by her. If Madame de Lanty were not present, the Count would employ a thousand ruses to reach his side; but it always seemed as if he found difficulty in inducing him to listen, and he treated him like a spoiled child, whose mother gratifies his whims and at the same time suspects mutiny. Some prying persons having ventured to question the Comte de Lanty indiscreetly, that cold and reserved individual seemed not to understand their questions. And so, after many attempts, which the cir. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The difference between romantic and realistic love is that the Monstrous in the first case is something spooky, something out of the depths of human imagination or something tragic, camouflaged by rivers of tears and thunderous sighs. In the second case, that of realistic love, the monster is potent


**It's a 4,5**

I really don't like myself when i get lazy, and i have been lazy for the past several days and instead of writing a review i would just sit on my pc and do nothing.

I was away and i was browsing through a bookstore and i saw that tiny little book. Sarassin is a small nov

Ονορέ ντε Μπαλζάκ, σπουδαίος και μοναδικός τεχνίτης της ρεαλιστικής γραφής. Αποδίδει στα έργα του μορφές, χαρακτήρες,γεγονότα,χώρους,διακοσμήσεις,
ενδυμασίες,λόγια,σκέψεις,συλλογισμούς,συμπεράσματα και διεισδύσεις στον εσωτερικό κόσμο των ηρώων του με απόλυτα αριστουργηματικό τρόπο.

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