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The Mountains

Stewart Edward White

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .There is here to be learned a certain knot. In case of trouble you can reach from your saddle and jerk the whole thing free by a single pull on a loose end.

All is now ready. You take a last look around to see that nothing has been left. One of the horsemen starts on ahead. The pack-horses swing in behind. We soon accustomed ours to recognize the whistling of "Boots and Saddles" as a signal for the advance. Another horseman brings up the rear. The day's journey has begun.

To one used to pleasure-riding the affair seems almost too deliberate. The leader plods steadily, stopping from time to time to rest on the steep slopes. The others string out in a leisurely procession. It does no good to hurry. The horses will of their own accord stay in sight of one another, and constant nagging to keep the rear closed up only worries them without accomplishing any valuable result. In going uphill especially, let the train take its time. Each animal i. . . Read More

Community Reviews

-Notable en su momento, respetable ahora desde la generalidad.-

Género. Ciencia ficción.

Lo que nos cuenta. El libro Las montañas blancas (publicación original: The White Mountains, 1967) nos presenta a Will, un joven preocupado por lo que la Ceremonia de la Placa hará con su primo Jack y, eventualmen

4 Silver Stars
with Golden Sparks

RTC after reread

John Christopher was an author who mostly wrote sci-fi, about Post-apocalyptic worlds, each series has a different concept:

here it's about some alien Lords, who rule the Earth, for a very long time, slaving humans, so people have no control over their

تاب اول از سه گانه سه پایه ها :
1. کوهای سفید
2. شهر طلا وسرب
3. برکه آتش
4. وقتی سه پایه به زمین آمدند
کوههای سفید اولین کتاب از سه گانه ی مشهور جان کریستوفر نویسنده علمی تخیلی نویس است.شهر طلا و سرب و برکه آتش دو جلد دیگر این مجموعه اند.
بعدها جان کریستوفر کتابی با عنوان وقتی سه پایه ها به زمین آمدند را

I read this book when I was about 10, but there's a moment near the beginning that's really stayed with me. It's one of those stories where Earth has been enslaved by alien overlords. There are, however, a few bright points in their miserable existences, and one of these is the annual games, where y

Tripods are cool, imagine these fearsome engines stomping around your neighborhood. They are not very practical though are they? Three legs don’t seem to be a very stable locomotive arrangement. The aliens came from light years away can they not spring for some aircrafts or something on wheels? At l

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