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The Malay Archipelago - Volume 2

Alfred Russel Wallace

Book Overview: 

A fascinating and classic Victorian ethnology of SE Asia. The author was co-discoverer of evolution, together with Darwin.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Tobo, and under the government of Banda, the surf was very heavy, owing to a strong westward swell. We therefore rounded the rocky point on which the village was situated, but found it very little better on the other side. We were obliged, however, to go on shore here; and waiting till the people on the beach had made preparations, by placing a row of logs from the water's edge on which to pull up our boats, we rowed as quickly as we could straight on to them, after watching till the heaviest surfs had passed. The moment we touched ground our men all jumped out, and, assisted by those on shore, attempted to haul up the boat high and dry, but not having sufficient hands, the surf repeatedly broke into the stern. The steepness of the beach, however, prevented any damage being done, and the other boat having both crews to haul at it, was got up without difficulty.

The next morning, the water being low, the breakers were at some distance from shore, and we had to . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Alfred Russel Wallace is the man who simultaneously to Darwin came up with the theory of evolution by natural selection. Wallace had no college degree and came from a poor English family, unlike Darwin, and he deferred to Darwin and gave Darwin credit for the theory throughout his life. The Malay Ar

I wanted to read this to learn more about Alfred Russel Wallace, who came up with the theory of evolution independently of Charles Darwin, whilst travelling amongst the islands of what are now Indonesia and Eastern Malaysia. Wallace actually sent his paper to Darwin for comment before publication. A

Better than The origin of species.
poor Wallace, scientific world should pay more attention to his tribute on theory of evolution.

A book that is as much fun to read as Voyage of the Beagle. The revolutionary ideas of Wallace and Darwin about the evolution of species were presented jointly, but only after Wallace had asked Darwin's opinion of his own exposition of the proposition. This book gives an account of the several years

Alfred Russel Wallace's 1869 account of his travels and observations in what is today Indonesia and that occurred mostly in 1858, the year that he and Darwin published on the Theory of Evolution. Wallace describes his adventures visiting the many islands in the archipelago and his constant search fo

This has been permanently shelved for the time being. A brief note: from what I read, one of the more interesting aspects were the pure imperial aspects and different attitudes of the time. This man was, in as much as we could say of that era, a naturalist. Yet, the way he enacted this was more or l

For 8 years, from 1854 to 1862, Alfred Russel Wallace journeyed to the southern portion of the Malay Archipelago including Malaysia, Singapore, the islands of Indonesia (then known as the Dutch East Indies) and the island of New Guinea, travelling over 14.000 miles.

But the 2 volumes he wrote about h

3,5 stars!
a nice insight on natural and sociological condition of Indonesia (and the sorrounding area) in the late 1800s.

The Malay Archipelago by Victorian English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace was first published in 1869 and dedicated to Charles Darwin. Wallace is perhaps most famous for postulating the view, without specific reliance on Darwin’s theory, that life evolves. The Malay Archipelago was an instant and

With eight years of travel around the islands of Indonesia to condense into one volume there was bound to be some repetition, and at points I did feel a certain ennui when a pattern established itself of "travel to island, meet head man, arrange house, go collecting, prepare collections, fight preda

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