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How to Camp Out

John Mead Gould

Book Overview: 

Advice on camp gear, clothing, cooking, hiking, and other topics.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .In conclusion, then, if you walk, and carry all your stuff, camping, and doing all your work, and cooking as you go, you should travel but few miles a day, or, better still, should have many days when you do not move your camp at all.


It is not necessary to say much about the other ways of going afoot. If you can safely dispense with cooking and carrying food, much will be gained for travel and observation. The expenses, however, will be largely increased. If you can also dispense with camping, you ought then to be able to walk fifteen or twenty miles daily, and do a good deal of sight-seeing besides. You should be in practice, however, to do this.

You must know beforehand about your route, and whether the country is settled where you are going.

Keep in mind, when you are making plans, that it is easier for one or two to get accommodation at the farmhouses than for a larger party.

I heard once of two fell. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Not bad camping advice for a book written over 100 years ago!

Skimming through the book. Was interesting how people, 100 years ago, went on a hike. For women the author suggested always travelling with a cart that can take you home the same day, into the comfort of your home and if hiking then only slightly uphill and nothing strenuous!

I read it to learn about how camping was done in the 1800s. This book quickly goes over what to bring, how to hike and conserve energy for a good time, setup camp/tent, use wagons and horses, write journals, rudimentary first aid, etc.

Fast read and interesting insights into the past. Here are a few

An interesting look at.The ways of the past

As a.hiker I found interesting hints.along.with obsolete advise. A good read. Some interesting prospective especially the.advise about women hiking and the suggestions for items to take.

Such a cool trip back in time. How to camp the old way. Things have changed a lot in gear, science and attitudes.

Obviously dated advice, especially the medical advice at the end. Most of the suggestions are no longer needed thanks to better tent materials and lightweight fibreglass poles, gas stoves, etc.

I still found the whole book quite enjoyable to read to my son, rather than all the same old children's boo