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Book Excerpt: 
. . .His gross receipts last summer were from $600 to $700 per month, of which $300 was profit. He grows his own feed, principally oats and hay, and has no worries over harvesting or grain prices.

Truck Gardening.—Long days of abundant sunshine from May to September, and adequate moisture in the spring and early summer permit of a wide variety of products. The soil is rich and warm, and easily worked. Close attention to cultivation has resulted in record yields of vegetables and small fruits, which bring good prices in the cities.

A farmer within five miles of Moose Jaw, who sold vegetables at the city market last year realized more than $300 between August 1, and October 30. He had half an acre in carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, beans, lettuce and onions, and half an acre in potatoes and turnips. His own table was supplied all summer and enough vegetables were put in the cellar to supply him during the winter and seed potatoes in the spring.Read More

Community Reviews

A Communist Utopian fantasy, written in the depths of the Victorian age when the gulf between the rich and poor was probably as wide as it ever has been. Morris imagines a future of around 2013 when government, police, aristocracy, mass production, money and crime have fallen out of use, educatio...more

There is something I mistrust in a man who hates his own time, who sees in it only folly and wrong-headedness, and who lives in a dreamed-of world in his head, a world of he has invented from the Glorious Past—and which he expects in the Glorious Future to come—but which never actually existed, a...more

A description of the capitalist past from a socialist future: "Why, then, since they had forced themselves to stagger along under this horrible burden of unnecessary production, it became impossible for them to look upon labor and its results from any other point of view than one -- to wit, the c...more

An interesting take on the future - Morris' view of what the world might be like in a hundred years, Utopian-style story telling mixed with a lot of philosophical dabate. Deep Reading. Hey, I should add that category to my bookshelves...more

I first read this book years ago in a Utopian lit class (really fabulous class with a great teacher), so I remembered some of it, but as usual, my leaky memory meant that a second read through revealed far more stuff than the first time around.

One thing I'd forgotten that I found interesting this...more

Got to love some fictional politics

I go back to this book "News from Nowhere, or an Epoch of Rest", again and again to remember how the world might be if sanity prevailed. The book was set in 1950 in a world where a socialist-anarchist revolution had taken place in the 19th century. It presupposes a source of clean energy has been...more

تبدأ رواية «أخبار من لا مكان» مع بطلها وراويها، وليام غيست (ضيف) الذي لن يطول بنا الأمر قبل أن ندرك انه ليس سوى الأنا/ الآخر للكاتب نفسه، وقد غرق ذات يوم في سبات عميق يفيق بعده في زمن آخر غير زمنه. في زمن تبدلت أحواله وأضحى مجتمعاً اشتراكياً تدار فيه وسائط الإنتاج إدارة ديموقراطية لصالح الخير الع...more

Pretty good, as far as 19th Century socialist utopian fiction is concerned.

It's greatest virtue is that the process whereby Communism arrives isn't by virtue of benevolence on the part of the capitalist class, as in Bellamy's Looking Backwards, but rather through violent, class struggle and uphea...more

This is one of the best editions of "News from Nowhere" in my opinion, and that only on Clive Wilmer's account. His introduction to Morris' life, work and thought was both insightful and informative, thoroughly unbiased and very well-documented.

As William Morris himself said it, the only “safe wa...more

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