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The Your Virtual Upline Podcast with Bob Heilig is designed for home business entrepreneurs looking for training on topics such prospecting, recruiting, team building, lead generation, traffic, social media, Facebook, internet marketing and blogging. Each week Bob shares his journey as a full-time entrepreneur and network marketing professional into the worlds of online marketing and personal branding, and teaches you how you can increase your income without sacrificing your lifestyle. If you are a home based entrepreneur that is looking to make this your breakthrough year where you can quit your job and go full-time with your business than this is your show!

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59: Forget About Your Personal Brand - Just BE YOURSELF!

Today, my topic is about building a business around your own personal brand. One of the questions that I get the most from people is, "What should I include as a part of my personal brand?" People struggle so much trying to figure out what their personal brand should look like, and the things that they should include.

If that's you, here's the message that I'd like to deliver to you in this episode... stop worrying so much about your personal brand, and just start being yourself! Your personal brand is really nothing more than you starting to share all of the things that make you, 'you' with other people so that you can begin to make connections and build relationships with your audience.

If there is something that you're passionate about, and that matters to you, start sharing that with the world through your content.  If something is important to you, it will be important to someone else.  The more we start to share of ourselves, the more opportunities we create to have commonality with other people.  The more those people begin to see themselves in us, the stronger connection we make with them.  

Make sure you are focusing on three areas: educate, entertain, and empower. If you do these three things, and always lead with trying to add value to others, you'll have tremendous success in this area. Even if something has nothing to do with your primary business, it's still helping you get attention and build relationships with your audience.

Over time, you'll learn how to refine your content and the things that you share to a more targeted audience. That's not something that you figure out before you start however. It's taken me over a year to get a good sense of who my "target audience" was, and the things that I'd be teaching them. In the beginning, I just focused on "being myself" and trying to deliver as much value as humanly possible to the people watching my videos.

Hopefully you find the information in this episode empowering, and hopefully it takes off some of the pressure that you've been putting on yourself. Take action, be yourself, and give this time to "take shape" and you'll be totally fine!

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58: The 3 Golden Rules for Prospecting on Social Media

Welcome to the 58th episode of your virtual upline podcast. I am Bob Heilig and my topic for today is prospecting on social media. Social media advertising especially facebook marketing is the best and the worst thing that has happened to social media ever. If you use it in a proper way, it is the best thing and can give many benefits to you and the product that is being marketed. Besides discussing the topic, I will also announce the winner of this week.

Prospecting on social media is a big thing and most of the people fail in pulling off social media marketing. I will share three basic reasons why prospecting fails on the base of my personal likes and dislikes. There are three basic things that serve as the main reason of success or failure of a prospect.

When people start prospecting on social media, they follow the attitude of give nothing and take everything. People who believe this never get successful. This might seems like a profitable extension for some time, but not more. In the long run, people mostly fail to provide the expected results and get benefits from the prospect. This is one of the most important points to improve prospecting on social media.

When you are prospecting, the main thing is to make a social contact and to create a sense of friendly relationship before bombarding your group of products and services to them. Developing a social contact with people is equivalent to depositing money in your bank account. Developing a social and emotional contact with your clients connects you to them and makes a good relation with them.

The second important thing to keep in mind while prospecting is the initial messages you send to your clients. In the initial messages, the biggest mistake that people do is that they attach links of the products and services they are offering.  Attaching the links in the initial messages disconnects the client from the message and thus is one of the biggest causes of failure in prospecting.

The third main reason of the failure is that people rely on social media more than necessary. Take people offline to real life and connect with them physically. This is the real reason behind success of prospecting. Meet people on real life and don’t rely on social media too much. Connect with them online and take them offline.

Improvising on these three things can be your reason behind success in prospecting people. Visit my podcast and connect with me for further info. Share and keep connected to Your Virtual Upline podcast.


57: How to Create Know, LOVE, and Trust with Your Audience

This episode is about the training I did about the marketing boot camp that held in February this year. My training was about using live video and generating confidence and build powerful connection with the viewers, listeners and the audience through the live video. I refer to this connection as no love and trust. In marketing and sales, there is a common belief that people buy from marketers whom they don’t know. There is no place of love, trust and friendship in a business. However, in the modern entrepreneurship and business strategies, this is no more the case. The new investors, business persons and entrepreneurs base their business on love and customer trust and gain profits on the base of popularity among the general public by making good customer relations and a bonding based on trust and friendship. The key to success in modern day is conversion. To convert your ideas and products in dollars to earn profit is the real success in the modern day branding and marketing. Being one of the newest techniques for branding your product or services, live video is the key element to add in your business strategy and branding.

I started 15 years ago as a marketer, and personally faced a lot of troubled and difficulties in my service regarding my job. A couple of companies I was working with got shut and I was completely broke. It was 2015 when I decided to start live streaming in order to attract new people to the company I was working with. Despite of being scared of public speaking, I mustered up my courage and started live streaming. It wasn’t easy for me to attract people by making a live video and doing live streaming but sometimes, you have to step out of your comfort zone and do something different, think out of the box. Today, I am successful and I train people all across the world because of my crazy decision. Don’t settle for what you’ve already mastered, and aim for something new every day.

I shared my story as an inspiration for you. I didn’t get successful with ease. I worked hard and adopted a way that changed my perspective of marketing and made me what I am today. Marketing is not about selling goods and service you are offering, marketing is about selling yourself and making good customer relations based on their trust and love for you and your company.

Live video is one of the greatest inventions in the history of marketing and branding. Live video is all about being close to people and making good relations with people. The only success in getting started with live streaming is to be real. People gets attract to what they see and when you are doing live video, make sure to be yourself and attract people through your attitude and behavior towards them.

Live streaming is a very powerful tool if you can use it wisely and can create something out of box. Think differently, be yourself and connect with people.    

56: Your Network Determines Your NetWORTH

In this episode we discuss the power of investing into your network, and the relationships that you have in your life, and how that over time can dramatically help your business.  

One of the biggest reasons why new entrepreneurs struggle early on in their business is because they don't get a ton of support from their close friends and family.  The harsh reality many times when this happens, is that they are paying the price of the life that they lived prior to making the decision to start their business.

You have to view every person in your life as you having a "relational account" with them.  Whenever you do something nice, show them genuine care and concern, and are generous with your time and attention, you make a deposit.  If you are constantly doing this in your life, you build up your account with people.

When you first join your business and begin to approach people asking them to "help and support your new business" by trying your products or potentially join you, you're looking to make a withdrawal.  If you haven't been diligent in making the deposits, the account is going to be empty.  

This is a critical insight for any entrepreneur to understand.  You need to be constantly focusing on investing your time and energy into your network, building up these accounts and understanding the long-term benefit this has to your business.

The good news is that no matter how bad you may have been, you can begin to tip the scales back in your favor by simply beginning to do the things that we discuss in today's episode.  


55: Four Ways to Stay Committed in Your Business

Today I want to talk to you about commitment and share with you four key strategies to help you stay committed to performing the right actions in your business to create massive results.

Being that last weekend was the Breakthrough Academy Live event, I want to talk about commitment because it’s an appropriate topic. Many attend an event or training and you have this new motivation and enthusiasm for your business. Then you get back and Monday comes around, then Tuesday, and it’s harder to get out of bed, and then Wednesday and Thursday and before you know if you have not changed at all!

Commitment is very simply doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you. It is easy to be committed when you’re in a peak state. But when you are not in that environment anymore it is much harder. Many people are committed until it doesn’t fit in their schedule or its too tough. You must be taking action every single day as these actions will really tell you who you are committed to.

The four keys to commitment:

  1. Mindset – You must learn to discipline your mind to stay with the commitment. You must learn to overcome the obstacles that are going to come your way. It is a necessary part of success to deal with negativity, rejection, and failure. You must learn to recognize your own greatness and stop being someone your note! You need to remove the fearful thinking that is surrounding yourself. Self-doubt will kill your commitment. Mindset is everything!
  2. Refine Your Goals – You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what the target is. You must make clear and specific goals and know exactly what it is and exactly what you need to do to get there. Some of you have no idea what you need to do to get to the next level. Get very specific!
  3. Change Your Focus – What we focus on is what we feel. Be grateful for the team you have and the results you’ve created but focus on the future. Forget about the past and focus on where you want to go! Do not wait to feel motivated. The problem is some of you don’t feel motivated and you wait to act. Motivation is very simple. Motivation comes through disciplined action. Sometimes you must force yourself to do it even when you don’t feel like it. Champions commit to disciplined actions every single day and they pay very little attention to how they feel.
  4. Accountability – I highly recommend you find someone that can hold you accountable to the disciplined actions that you need to take. Every single week you need to monitor how close you are to your goals and be rooted in the reality of your business at every single moment. With all this, make sure you celebrate the small wins.

I really want to challenge you to stay committed to your goals and don’t fall into the trap of having that moment of inspiration to have a bigger and better life and then having that fade away! Follow these four keys principles and stay committed to your business!

54: How to Use the New Facebook Stories Feature to Build Your Business

Today I want to talk to you about Facebook Stories! This exciting new feature just launched on Facebook and I want to share how you can use this incredibly powerful tool to get more attention on social media. This tool is also an incredibly powerful feature from a prospecting and recruiting standpoint to generate more engagement from your audience.

So, you may be asking what is Facebook stories? It is a series of small videos and pictures that you can take throughout your day to essentially tell the story of your day. It allows you to show a more personal side of yourself and bring people into your world and get to know you. Right now, it is not available for everyone but it is being rolled out over the next week.

The main difference between Instagram stories and Facebook stories is the filters. With Facebook stories, you can add the filters before you ever take a picture or video. One of the things about stories is it allows you to show your personality and the videos can even be up to 20 seconds long as opposed to the shorter versions on Instagram and Snapchat. Like with anything new, the key to success is consistency. If you can stay consistent and give yourself time to get better and rise to the top you will win on this platform.

The best way to create content is to stop thinking and start documenting! Just be yourself and start documenting your life. The beauty of the story functionality is allowing you to become the star of your own reality TV show! This allows you to begin building a personal brand. Through stories you can show anything and everything that is important and that matters to you. Familiarity breeds trust and if you are constantly in front of peoples face you become trustworthy.

One example of something you can do is to start documenting your journey as an entrepreneur. Talk about the things you are learning. Share your successes and also your failures.

You may be asking how does this help me sell more and recruit more people? This happens because everything you share with someone becomes a point of commonality with that person. The more you share of yourself and the more points you can create, the more conversations you can start. This is where the sales and network growth begin!

Actionable method to getting started on Facebook Stories: 

  1. Focus on a mix of content by both being funny and adding value to your viewers
  2. Give yourself permission to be you and stand out
  3. Use Facebook Stories to drive traffic to other channels such as Facebook Live, etc.

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53: Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

In this episode, we have a little bit of fun while we discuss embracing your inner weirdo! What I mean by this is that we need to acknowledge that as entrepreneurs we are not normal.

It is not normal for someone to subject themselves to what we must put up with every single day to build a successful business. It’s not normal for someone to spend hours listening to a podcast or attending a training seminar but I want you to acknowledge that this is a really good thing because here’s what I know about normal people. They are not happy and they are not satisfied. They work just hard enough so they don’t get fired and their boss pays them just enough so they won’t quit. They live just for the weekend and depression sets in on Sunday night as they must face their job or career that they hate. This is no life for you and me!

We are weirdos and we need to embrace that!

Steps to embracing your inner weirdo

  1. Acknowledge that entrepreneurship is a lonely place when starting out
  2. Acknowledge that you are not normal
  3. Start celebrating being different
  4. Look for other weirdos
  5. Forget all the normal people’s opinions

My message to you is simple and it’s that being an entrepreneur makes you weird and you need to start embracing this because you are not normal and this is one of the most amazing qualities of entrepreneurs.

You’re a weirdo! Start celebrating it, looking for other weirdos, and forget all those normal people!

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52: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

Today we talk about changing your focus and changing your life!  At any moment of our life, we can begin to choose to think differently and empower ourselves. Unfortunately, part of the human condition is to focus on the negative and create pessimistic thoughts within our mind. It is often times these thoughts that create the condition bias that leads to our eventual results in life.  Today I want to empower you with strategies to be aware of the cause of this negativity and to consciously make a decision to change your focus.

Some important questions to think about:

  1. Do you generally spend your time focusing on things that you have or things that you don’t have?
  2. Do you focus on what good qualities you exemplify or how you are not good enough by comparing yourself to others?
  3. Are you focused on the past or are you focused on the future?

In addition to these reflection questions, I want you to start to notice your own self talk. Many people would never talk to someone else the way they talk to themselves. Now is the time to stop being so negative and focus on the positive!

An important component of your focus is confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the idea that you only see and hear what you focus on. For example, if you are focusing on how you are not good enough, then you will begin to find examples and reminders of this on a regular basis throughout your life. A powerful alternative is to shift your focus and leverage this confirmation bias in your favor.

Here is an exercise to perform: Make a list of ten things that you can be grateful for and every morning read this list. This will allow you to start your day with gratitude. Gratitude in many ways is the gateway drug to motivation. In addition, you need to celebrate the small wins within your life and business. Big accomplishments are nothing more than a bunch of small wins along the way.

Begin to use these strategies to change your focus and ultimately change your life today!

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51: Start Using Your Fear as Your Compass

Today we talk about fear and the strategies to overcome it. Especially as a new entrepreneurs, there are so many things that we feel resistance towards.  I thought that once I became successful I would become fearless. However, nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how successful you are, fear is always lurking in the shadows and doing things you have never done before will be scary. High achievers realize that it is the things in life that we fear most which create the biggest breakthroughs and opportunities.

I can remember back in my early days as an entrepreneur doing everything I could to avoid fear. Many think that once they become fearless they will become successful. The only way to avoid fear is to never attempt to get out of your comfort zone. When you step out of your comfort zone, uncertainty is created which forces growth! Being an entrepreneur is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached to it. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without uncertainty.

Actions towards fear:

  1. Stop avoiding fear
  2. Start using fear as your compass
  3. Embrace fear and uncertainty and move forward

I want to challenge you. Sit down and take an inventory of the things you are fearing in life right now. I want you to start recognizing fear as a necessary part of being an entrepreneur and commit that over the next 7 – 10 days, you will start taking action and believe that amazing things will start to happen!

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50: 3 Strategies to Help You Become a World Class Presenter

Welcome to episode 50! I definitely didn’t think we would make it this far but I am super grateful to have you here. Today we talk about public speaking. I know a lot of you have a fear of speaking in public but in order to be a great entrepreneur you must learn to be able to be a great communicator. Today I give you my top three tips to help you overcome your fear, become more confident, and become the world class speaker you are destined to become.

Most everyone deals with the fear of public speaking and it is certainly one of my number one fears. I was always the student who never wanted to raise their hand in class and was never confident amongst my peers. I knew that in order to become a successful entrepreneur I had to get over this fear and become more comfortable with communicating.

The first time I gave a public speech was at a hotel early on in my career to about 30 individuals. I remember opening the meeting in pure panic. I actually considered just leaving right on the spot. There was even a cup of water that I was holding and I was so nervous that I was shaking and spilling the water. When that meeting was over I couldn’t run out of that room fast enough.  I then made a commitment to myself that I would never embarrass myself like that ever again.

Three strategies to overcome fear of public speaking:

  1. Record yourself giving a presentation to see, hear, and critique your mannerisms.
  2. Read aloud and practice putting emotion and life into the words
  3. Start modeling other people. Find other speakers whose style resonates with you and study them.

It took years of implementing these three strategies before I actually became pretty good. In the book, The War of Art, it talks about how the things we fear the most, we were actually put on this earth to do. I want you to face your fear and recognize that the fear is an indicator for something you are destined to do. With these three tips you too can become a world class presenter!

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