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Mike Siegel

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Comedian and TV host Mike Siegel sits down for a lighthearted chat with his friends: comedians, actors, writers producers, and travel professionals, about the joys and and nightmares of travel.

Podcast Episodes

Rocky Mountaineer

All aboard Rocky Mountaineer - Canada's one-of-a-kind luxury train! Mike is a 2017 Brand Ambassador for the train, and on a recent trip he interviewed RM Training and Development Specialist Heather Glasgow, Executive Chef Jean-Pierre Guerin, and Train Host, Terrea.

Mike Schibel

The man behind the website shares Tales of what travel means to him, and what it could do for the world.

Konrad Waliszewski

Konrad Waliszewski stops by to discuss the inspiration behind creating his travel app TripScout, and living and working abroad in Egypt, Asia and beyond.

Lost and Found Travel - Margaret & John

Newlyweds Margaret and John lost their jobs just before their honeymoon, forcing the couple to reevaluate what travel means in their lives.

Workationing - Kari and Kelly

Friends Kari and Kelly started the Workationing podcast and website to promote their digital nomad lifestyle.

Kristina Wong

Performance artist Kristina Wong shares her Travel Tales of making her first trip to Africa and becoming Uganda's most unlikely rap star.

Jason Windebank

With little sailing experience and buying a boat in Turkey sight unseen, Jason Windebank and his brother set out on a 3-year journey to sail around the world.

Rachel Reenstra

TV Host Rachel Reenstra returns to talk about her recent trips to Costa Rica and Thailand, and her new projects focusing on her love of animals.

Lisa Dickey

Author Lisa Dickey joins us to talk about her new book, Bears in the Streets, chronicling three of her journeys to a changing Russia in 1995, 2005, and 2015.

Alice Kandell

Alice Kandell is an author and photographer whose collection of Tibetan artifacts now graces the Smithsonian.

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