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Toby Salgado: Real Estate Coaching

Podcast Overview

The #1 podcast for agents. We talk with Real Estate Agents who sell more than 50Million dollars a year in volume and find out how they do it. We uncover their stories, secrets and tips & tricks.

Podcast Episodes

298: How To Win More..... Johnathan David Lewis

Best Selling author comes on the show and shares how to win more brand loyalty, retain talent longer and get stronger through co-opetition.

He grew up on an indian reservation and takes the lessons learned in the wild and often socialistic environment and apply to those lessons to business in this hyper competitive environment.

The key differences in why some companies thrive---some survive and most fail

Join the conversation on Twitter: @superagentslive


297: 250K Your First Year - Parker Pemberton

Todays guest has been a listener for a year and has done over 70 deals and is on track to make 7 figures.  The key to his success is all execution of simple and inexpensive ideas.

Need some help? Check out This is group coaching with actionable advice.

296: Tony Robbins has a kid? Jeriek Robbins

Todays guest is Tony Robbins kid---what has he learned?  How does the most coached coach live?

295: The Funny Guys of Real Estate - Eric Simon

@thebrokeagent comes on the show and shares what they are doing as the funny guys of real estate--I let this one sit for over a year.  They share how they are taking the industry by storm and stealing the show at conventions around the nation.  Dont miss this one

It took me 24 minutes to figure out what they are actually doing.  Want some comedy?  This is it.

294: Scripting and Closing Techniques - Michael Ferraro

Todays guest covers his scripting techniques he uses to cold call 10 million dollar listings.  We cover how he handles objections and how he developed his unique value proposition.


293: Rags to Riches - Shon Kokozka

How to increase your income streams and get more passive income.

292: There's No Such Thing as Work/Life Balance - Rachel Adams

291: Getting More Referrals- Stacey Brown Randall

Todays guest shares everything from how to calculate lifetime value to understanding demographics as well as, how to get more referrals.

290: Back To Basics - Stephanie Weeks

Today we talk about going back to basics and getting your foundation right.

If your doing 30 deals or less---you need to listen to this episode

289: Australia's Gary V! Glenn Twiddle

Meet Australia's Gary V--the renegade marketer.  We talk about how to get more listings and be more profitable.

Its not often I get to talk with someone with true marketing chops and even rarer when I talk with someone who see's marketing in a similar vein.

We talk about everything from having your own book to how people will turn marketing dollars with zero profit to become a local or national celebrity.

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