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Fun Read-aloud Stories for Kids

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Stories for Kids: The Swing

Reading Comprehension: This is a poem written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Stories for Kids| Louis Armstrong

Reading Comprehension: Louis-Armstrong

Stories for Kids | The Golden Feast

Reading Comprehension: Adapted from a Filipino folktale.

Stories for Kids | What is a Caracal?

Reading Comprehension: This article describes the Caracal.

Stories for Kids | The Ant and the Grasshopper

Reading Comprehension: Learn a lesson from the grasshopper and the ant.

The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming | Stories for Kids

This is a passage about the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.

Jack and the Cornstalk | Literary Elements

Reading Comprehension | This is a story about a small boy named Jack.

How Plants Feed Themselves | Photosynthesis

Reading Comprehension | 5th Grade | What is photosynthesis?

The Secret in the Basket | Fifth Grade | Story Structure

Reading Comprehension | Learn a lesson about keeping secrets

Bed in Summer | Reading Skills | Poetry

Reading Comprehension: This is a poem written by Robert Lewis Stevenson

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