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Joe Saul-Sehy & OG discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance and non-finance people from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.

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Does Money Buy You Privilege?

On today's show we discuss a Morningstar article that asks the question, "How do you get really rich?" Sadly, as with all things, the answer isn't as simple or as straightforward as you'd hope. Plus, we discuss a Russian billionaire who parks his yacht in front of the Statue of Liberty. Does money buy you privilege that other people don't get? We'll discuss.

J. David Stein from Money For the Rest of Us joins us for this fantastic (and short!) roundtable discussion!

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The Crazy and Sordid History of Credit Companies (with Dr. Josh Lauer)

Ever wonder about the credit companies that seem to know everything about you? Now, although fair credit reporting laws exist, people STILL complain about unfair and outdated credit, but according to Dr. Josh Lauer, it used to be much worse. We'll talk to him today about the history of credit reporting in the United States. How did it work? Who evaluated your credit? How were the current three credit companies formed? It's a fun and sometimes frightening look at how credit has been and still is evaluated, and how credit companies use information about you.

Speaking of credit, a recent study about credit produced some horrifying results, and Michael Bruemmer from Experian joins us to discuss why people might want to take better care of their credit than they have in the past. Also, we discuss a headline about Jeff Bezos inching up toward becoming the richest person alive. What does it take to join the ranks of the uber rich? We'll contemplate that by taking a look at the list of the world's wealthiest people.

We have a special guest co-host today! Mandi Woodruff from the Brown Ambition podcast sits in for OG and shares some great experiences, as well as helping Joe throw out the Haven Life line to Karl and answer a lucky listener letter. Of course we still have time to bring on Doug's trivia, share some bad jokes, and lots more....

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How To Save Your First $25,000 (with Scott Trench)

How do you get started on the road to saving? While you can't frugal your way to wealth, you CAN learn to be more efficient, and author Scott Trench joins us to share the first steps in his roadmap toward wealth. We'll talk about building the foundation you'll need to amass wealth...namely, how to save your first $25,000. Surprisingly, it isn't all just about focusing on your income, according to Scott. There are some ways you can make cuts in your life that will help you grow money faster.

In our headline segment, one of our hosts goes off the rails today, as we talk about advisors who are unscrupulous. Thinking about hiring a financial advisor? Maybe you want to listen to this discussion first. Then in our second headline, we tackle another 401(k) fee lawsuit, but the guys surprisingly come down on the other side of THIS lawsuit than they have lawsuits brought up on the show in the past.

Of course, that's not all. We also throw out the Haven Life line to a lucky caller and answer your letters. We can't forget that Doug's always waiting in the wings, and as always, has trivia on today's show.

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Ways to Fortify Against the Next Crash (and an intro to Roofstock)

What should you do if you expect the market to crash? We ask our roundtable panel that very question today, including the woman behind the blog Mama Fish Saves, Chelsea. We also talk about side hustles. What mistakes do people make when deciding to work a second job or start a company on the side? Finally, we wrap up the show with an exciting discussion of a Moneyologist question....a man is giving all of his money to a church (and also money he doesn't yet have). Does his spouse have a reason to worry?

In our Friday FinTech segment we introduce you to the minds behind real estate firm Roofstock. If you're thinking about real estate but don't want all of the hassle, this might be the best thing you've heard today!

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Betting "The House" On Your Goals (with The House director Andrew Jay Cohen)

Ever wonder what happens if you don't save enough money for college? Well, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler didn't, and the result is the new hit movie The House. Director Andrew J. Cohen stops by to talk about the film, the hilarious financial-planning-gone-wrong premise, and how he became a director in Hollywood.

BUT that's not all. Retirement Answer Man Roger Whitney sits in for OG on today's show. We share headlines about a widow being scammed out of over a MILLION dollars, and another about how to decide what to do with your 401k when you leave a job.

Of course we also throw out the Haven Life line, bring on Doug's trivia, share some bad jokes, and lots more....

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Financial Independence? Early Retirement? Game on!

Excited about an aggressive retirement? Even if you're only mildly interested in the topic of financial independence, today's guest is going to light a FIRE under your plans. The Mad Fientist joins us today to talk first about his personal journey to an early out with a traditional job. We'll talk about the opportunities, pitfall, and even nerd out on some serious financial planning numbers you'll need to know if you're thinking about calling it quits at your job.

In our headlines segment, we talk the cost of wine...and how much it's affected by advertising. We also share news about a football player's BIG comeback from a disability, which gives us a perfect introduction to disability insurance and what's important to know. We also throw out the Haven Life line, answer TWO listener letters, and more.

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Can Donald Trump Pick Stocks? (SB RWD 62)

We spin back the dial to a roundtable discussion two years ago which includes a discussion about then-nominee Donald Trump! A magazine wrote about President Trump's ability to pick stocks. We talk about whether ANYONE can pick stocks well.... If you're looking for political drama, we WON'T have it....but we WILL have lots of fun talking stocks, celebrities, and more.  

You can find the original show notes here: Is Donald Trump a Good Stock Picker?

Becoming an Excellent Leader (SB RWD 61)

How effective are you at leading people? On today's show, our guests Dr. John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber discuss how to become a more effective leader and lesson's they've learned from coaching many of the top business leaders today to build better workplace teams. Plus, as usual, we'll have the same assortment of headlines, trivia, laughs, and your letters. Enjoy!

You can find the original show notes here: Building Better Leaders and Teams

Juggling Money, Family and Work (SB RWD 60)

Griffin takes us back to a classic from a year ago...

We’re all professional jugglers. We juggle a career or school, family duties, friendships, and somehow also manage money. How do we effectively manage money AND take care of everything else? Kimberly Palmer (author of the new book Smart Mom Rich Mom) joins us to talk about the pressure of parenting, managing the budget and earning a wage. When’s the right time to have children?

In our headline segment we discuss John Oliver’s latest stunt. On the hotline, we tackle a question from Jamie about charitable giving. Doug shares trivia on working moms.

We have all of that AND still more on today’s podcast!

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Investing Rules for a Sky-High Stock Market

How should you invest when the market's been in a bull market tear for the last several years? We ask our Friday roundtable panel that question and MAN, they don't disappoint. You'll hear about selling losers, setting expectations ahead of time for your investments, and more.

We also cover (as we do EVERY Friday), LOTS of other topics, including whether it's best to pay with cash or credit. What do you think? I'm not sure our panel will agree... AND we also bring up some of the difficult questions kids ask about money. How would YOU answer them?

In our Friday FinTech segment we have a great guest...Patrick Ambron from talks about the importance of creating and protecting your online identity. He shares horror stories of people's social media problems and explains steps to protect yourself. Plus, as always with this segment, he'll share with you their platform and how they help people dig in and take charge of their identity.

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