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Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 12: Uncovering the Diverse Food Gems of Chicago – Taste of Chicago 2016 Edition

Chef Judson Todd Allen, the “Architect of Flavor” is uncovering the less-known culinary gems of Chicago. When you think Chicago, you think of pizza, hotdogs, and Italian Beef. Chef Allen will discuss with his guests the undiscovered foods that you might not know about in our diverse city.

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 11: Get Your Drink On – The Ultimate Summertime Beverages

On this episode of Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Todd Allen — your “Architect of Flavor”, he is serving up ultimate summertime beverage experiences.  From nostalgic classics and kid favorites to trendy outlandish drinks, he has something brewing for everyone.  Get ready for his refreshing and sinfully delicious top picks for the season, those […]

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 10: Uncovering the History Behind the “Jamaican Jerk” Craze

On this episode of Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Todd Allen – the “Architect of Flavor”, he gets down and spicy with the ultimate flavors of jerk.  He reveals the real history behind jerk and the food culture phenomena that is taking people taste buds by storm. Chef Judson also finally reveals his recipe […]

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 9: The Best of Summertime Food Hot Spots

If you are like most, your summertime traveling is positioned around the culinary experiences offered!!  This episode of Spice and Dice with Chef Judson Todd Allen the “Architect of Flavor” brings you directly into his world, exploring his favorite summertime food hot spots.  With a focus on Chicago and New York, Chef Judson entices our […]

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 8: Romancing the Soul: Exploring Food Eroticism

Chef Judson, your “Architect of Flavor” shares ideas on how to break up the boring monotony in your sexual relationship.  Who says food is only to be eaten in the kitchen; it’s time to take it to the bedroom.  Get ready for the do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks for the ultimate “food” arousal!

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 7: The Real Truth About Fad & Unrealistic Diets

Chef Judson Todd Allen exposes the world of fad and unrealistic diets and how they negatively impact the lives of many in search of weight loss.  Chef Judson’s has found the missing link, which he shares in his upcoming book “The Spice Diet”, that yields the weight loss and healthy lifestyle change for the longterm. […]

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 6: Vegetarians & Vegans – A Trend or Lifestyle?

Chef Judson touches the topic of vegetarianism and veganism, exploring if it is a current trend/fad; a culture or total lifestyle. He provides the powerful tips and spice combinations that turns everyday vegetarian and vegan dishes into tastebud sensations even “human carnivores” would love!

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 5: Breaking The Cycle of Hypertension – “The Perfect Ingredients, Herbs and Spices to either Prevent or Fight High Blood Pressure”

Chef Judson attacks the silent killer called hypertension with natural ingredients that influence flavor! He shares his personal story, teaches and gives tips on how to highly reduce or eliminate salt in the diet with the addition of wholesome foods and flavors! 

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 4: Spicing Up Your Love Life with Food

In this episode, Chef Judson gives you the food tips you need to get the catch you desire. He also confesses some personal stories and how cooking for someone can captivate them in ways you can’t even imagine.

Spice & Dice with Chef Judson Episode 3: Fasting Can Change Your Life

In this episode Chef Judson discusses fasting and how it can benefit your health and your spirituality. He mentions a few different types of fasts, how they can affect you, and how they can improve your life.

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