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A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The July Revolution. Next: 1848

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6.08e- The June Rebellion

In June 1832 a bunch of radical republicans spontaneously broke out in song. 

6.08d- The Carbonari

In 1820 the Good Cousins staged a revolution in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. 

6.08c- Metternich

After the fall of Napoleon, Austrian Foreign Minister Metternich attempted to orchestrate a new conservative order in Europe. 


6.08b- The Belgian Revolution

In 1830, the Belgians said we don't want to be a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands anymore.

6.8a- The Fait Accompli of 1830

What the heck did the rest of France think about the July Revolution?

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6.07- The Last King of France

King Charles X should have never signed the Four Ordinances. You know. In hindsight. 

6.06- The Duc d'Orleans

Time to get this piece on the board. 

6.05- The Barricades

On Wed July 28, 1830 the people of Paris proved that piles of rubble were the key to urban revolution. 

6.04- Stop The Presses

On Monday July 26, 1830 the Four Ordinances were published. On Tuesday July 27 the July Revolution began. 

6.03- Help Yourself And Heaven Will Help You

In early 1830 King Charles X tried to beat back the liberal opposition. Instead they came back stronger than ever. 


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