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Margaret McSweeney in her kitchen each week for some Kitchen Chat. You’ll not only hear great cooking tips from chefs but you’ll also learn the recipe for a great life with experts at Margaret’s table. Savor all that your day has to offer with the inspiration and insight from Kitchen Chat. Everything always happens in the kitchen!

Podcast Episodes

Sandra Gutierrez and The New Southern-Latino Table

“History happens on the plate,” says Sandra Gutierrez, cookbook author, food writer and culinary expert on the Southern-Latino food movement. Sandra and I met in the White House Garden during a tour with IACP.  She has become a dear friend and has  been an integral part of my culinary journey in understanding and appreciating the tastes […]

Jaime Laurita: Celebrity Rockstar Chef

Tattoos and Pearls. Chef Jaime Laurita and I have the perfect pairing of friendship.  He is like a brother to me and continues to inspire and encourage me on my culinary journey. A milestone moment was visiting Anne Willan, the founder of La Varenne Cookery, in her kitchen. We met several years ago […]

Eat Your Vegetables with Joe Yonan

As Food and Dining Editor of Washington Post, Joe Yonan has accomplished a lot in the culinary world.  At this year’s International Association of Culinary Professionals conference in Louisville, I had the delightful honor to have a kitchen chat with Joe Yonan about his latest projects. For years I have struggled in providing delicious meals […]

Sara Moulton: America’s Home Chef

Sara Moulton‘s mission in life is to help home chefs get dinner on the table during the work week.  Her latest book is Homecoming 101: How to Make Everything Taste Better. With over four cookbooks, Sarah Moulton is one of the nation’s most enduring and endearing recipe writers. Her stellar culinary career includes Good Morning […]

Chef Frank Stitt: “The Godfather of Southern Cuisine”

Chef Frank Stitt has created a constellation of outstanding restaurants in Birmingham, Alabama.  Highlands Bar and Grill received its ninth consecutive James Beard Award nomination for Outstanding Restaurant in America.  His impressive culinary journey includes working in the kitchen with the highly acclaimed pioneer of farm-to-table, Alice Waters at Chez Panisse and spending time in […]

Better Homes and Gardens: Bringing Everyone to the Table

Better Homes and Gardens has been “teaching America how to cook” for many generations and reaches 40 million readers.  Nancy Wall Hopkins, Deputy Senior Food and Entertaining Editor recently shared some great tips and trends from the test kitchen at BHG. How fascinating to learn that Better Homes and Gardens has the oldest test kitchen […]

Celebrating James Beard: America’s First Foodie

On May 1st, The James Beard Awards will once again be in Chicago!  And I have some exciting news to share….. Kitchen Chat will be on the Red Carpet interviewing your favorite chefs and nominees, and my dear friend, Chef Jaime Laurita will be my special co-host.  For live feeds of the evening, follow #jbfa […]

A Taste of Specialty Food Association

Whether you are a foodie or a food entrepreneur, it is always good to know about trends and products.  In 2016, almost $130 billion in sales were recorded in the specialty food industry.  Recently I attended the Specialty Food Business Summit and interviewed Phil Kafarakis, the new president of Specialty Food Association.   He discusses the latest […]

Tour of Time Inc Food Studios

Birmingham, Alabama has always been the home of my heart, and Southern Living has always been the heart of my home. Recently, I traveled back to the place of my childhood to tour the Time Inc Food Studios in Birmingham, Alabama.  Nestled on a wooded hilltop, the studios are spacious and gracious. The Alabama white […]

Nathalie Dupree: The Queen of Southern Cuisine

Nathalie Dupree is The Queen of Southern Cuisine.  This award winning chef, cookbook author, restaurateur, television and radio host has done it all.  During the Les Dames d’Escoffier conference in Washington, DC, Nathalie shared her thoughts, tips and recipes.  But first Nathalie shares her Pork Chop Theory and the importance of women helping each other. […]

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