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A sea change, a door opens.

Hello Everyone! James Durham here with some big updates! Sometimes cutting right to the point is the best way to handle it. So here it is: Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with cancer. Now, before you get worried about me, there is very good news. After testing and surgery, the diagnosis is as good as I could hope for. I was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is very curable, and on top of that, I caught it early at stage 1, so I plan to live a long and healthy life. I am very, very lucky. So please, no worries about that. I’m fine now, and life is, in fact, better than ever. But through all this, I changed, and I’m continuing to change. In a single, solitary moment, I experienced a profound shift in my heart. And I can’t shake it — I don’t want to shake it. Read on for more...

Update May 2013 - FETIDUS and 95ers and Balticon, Oh My!

Hello Everyone! James Durham here with a quick, but important update about The World of FETIDUS, 95ers and related news! In this most auspicious of updates, I discuss some very exciting developments that may cause not only the underworld to tremble, but timespace itself to shudder in anticipation. Read on, my friend, read on...

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP20 (2010)

And so the journey is complete, my friends. Episode 20 is here at last! The massive, thrilling, apocalypse-busting 2-hour finale will take you all the way to the end of this twisted, dark tale. FETIDUS: The Damned Heir Episode 20 awaits your listening pleasure. Please, come inside, turn down the lights and join Art Blanchard in this final, most beastly of episodes of FETIDUS: The Damned Heir.

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP19 (2010)

Thunder breaks on this dark, twisted night of fate, and Episode 19 awaits hungry ears... as we spin wildly towards the conclusion of FETIDUS: The Damned Heir. Join us here as we set the stage for the upcoming and final episode, as Art Blanchard unwinds the mysteries of the Donners with his own fate on the line. The journey is nearly complete... do world-changing answers await, does Art finally solve the epic case that could change... everything? Come inside and find out...

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP18 (2010)

And now for the dark and beastly Episode 18. Join us inside one of the most dangerous places in post-apocalyptic DC. Art Blanchard tempts fate in this jumbo-sized episode, as we approach the grand finale a mere two episodes from now! Please come inside, sit down, turn down the lights, and listen to what lurks in the shadows...

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP17 (2010)

The time has nearly come... the finale is only three episodes away! Join us here in roasty Episode 17 as we begin the final countdown. Art Blanchard has a lot to juggle, what with uncovering a mystery or two, and tugging on the dangerous threads of a long-cold case that might lead him to his lost love.

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP16 (2010)

As we approach the finale, Art Blanchard goes on the offensive with his lobbying skills in Episode 16. He's still got it. Download now and listen as the stakes in this twisted case grow higher, with political power players a-plenty in the cards...

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP15 (2010)

What do you get when you combine an old DC cemetery, a post-apocalyptic mystery and Art Blanchard hot on the trail? You get Episode 15! Join in with the gravestones and watch a little conversation unfold between Art and a gorgeous, twisted dame.

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP14 (2010)

Episode 14 has arrived for your listening pleasure. This one takes you to the halls of Congress and deep into the shadows of Representative Phil Donner, with some revealing appearances by several cast members. The case spirals forward, like a festering zombie infection, unchecked by inhibitors or preservatives. Enter now, and enjoy!

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP13 (2010)

Lucky Episode number 13 here! Come and get it. This one takes a dark path down a darker alley into Art Blanchard's shadow-enshrouded mind. Be warned, there are no butterflies and daisies in this episode. Brace yourself, and download now...

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