Hospital and Internal Medicine Podcast

Gil Porat, M.D., FACP, CPT

Podcast Overview

Intended for the medical professional who enjoys learning for the sake of it. Dr. Porat is a practicing Colorado Hospitalist and Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Podcast Episodes

Bedbugs - part 1

Urine Drug Testing - Misinterpretation is Very Common

You know all those people on social media wanting mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients? Perhaps, reasonable in theory, if the test wasn’t frequently producing false-positives and false-negatives. Making accurate clinical decisions is always challenging, but particularly with urine drug testing. The consequences of misinterpretation can be awful.

The death of Chris Cornell and calling my doctor

Internal Medicine Pearls #3

A look at some new data: COPD and Oxygen use - low serum creatinine levels - BMI considerations - the RDW - the age of blood.

Let’s do this! Simple changes to healthcare that nearly everyone can agree on.

Vocational Confrontation and Political Rumination

I’m a nerd looking at the world and shamelessly speaking my mind

Renal and Ureteral Stones (Nephrolithiasis - Kidney Stones) - part 4

Oxalate intake reduction, thiazide diuretics, and tamsulosin are some of the therapies discussed in this lecture. 

Renal and Ureteral Stones (Nephrolithiasis - Kidney Stones) - part 3

Stone analysis, labs, calcium & fluid intake, sodium in the diet, and beverage choices.

Renal and Ureteral Stones (Nephrolithiasis - Kidney Stones) - part 2

A few words about the proximal ureter, I.V. Fluids, colic, and hematuria.

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