EMCrit Podcast - Critical Care and Resuscitation

Scott D. Weingart, MD

Podcast Overview

Online Medical Education on Emergency Department (ED) Critical Care, Trauma, and Resuscitation

Podcast Episodes

Podcast 203 – New Reversals for New Anticoagulants with Nadia Awad

New agents for Reversal of NOACS

EMCrit 202 – Blood Bank Essentials with Joe Chaffin

blood bank stuff: The basics of crit care transfusion medicine

EMCrit 201 – Deeper on Vasopressors and Athos 3 with Mink Chawla

A new vasopressor is out there--angio II

EMCrit Podcast 200 – Orman Grills EMCrit – No Clinical Medicine Here

My friend Rob Orman Interviews Me for Ep. 200

EMCrit Podcast 199 – Management of Massive Hemoptysis with Oren Friedman

Management of Massive Hemoptysis

Podcast 198 – Insulin Pumps and Such with Josh Miller, MD

Scared of insulin pumps--not anymore

Ketamine ……. then Rocuronium, DSI & The Timing Principle

More on rocketamine...

Podcast 197 – The Logistics of the Administration of Massive Transfusion

The hands-on of orchestrating a massive transfusion protocol

The Sick and the Dead: Evidence-Based Trauma Resuscitation in 2016 by Hicks & Petrosoniak

The sick and the dead from SMACCdub

Podcast 196 – Having a Vomit SALAD with Dr. Jim DuCanto – Airway Management Techniques during Massive Regurgitation, Emesis, or Bleeding

Friend to the show, Jim DuCanto has been obsessed with SALAD. Not the leafy greens delicately touched with a tart emulsion, but with Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination (SALAD). Jim DuCanto, MD  is an anesthesiologist extraordinaire with a constant drive to perfect new airway techniques and document them on video along the way. COI Statement Dr. DuCanto invented and receives royalties on the DuCanto Catheter from SSCOR and the Nasco SALAD mannequin Read More about SALAD from Taming the Sru TtS Post Esophageal Diversion Maneuver (Intentional Esophageal Intubation) deliberately insert the ETT down the esophagus and gently inflate the balloon There is lit for this SALAD Park Maneuver Keep tip of suction catheter in the esophagus on the left side of the mouth SALAD Techniques Meconium Suction Set-Up Here was our original letter (J Clin Anesth, 23 (2011), pp. 518–519) (fulltext) It was recently validated (The Journal of Emergency Medicine Volume 52, Issue 4, April 2017, Pages 433–437)   More Stuff SALAD Facebook Page SSCOR Site Taming the SRU write-up of SALAD DuCanto Suction Catheter General Description of system and demonstration by Jeff Hill of the University of Cincinnati’s EM Program Product page of SALAD Mannequin University of Wisconsin HEMS Fellow with the “Static” Excercise University of Wisconsin HEMS Fellow with the “Dynamic” Excercise University of Wisconsin HEMS Attending takes on the SALAD Simulator Check out the next level of SALAD—SALAD 2.0 Listen to the JellyBean with Jim More from Jim DuCanto on EMCrit Podcast 73 – Airway Tips and Tricks A New Bougie for your Pocket by Jim DuCanto A Guide to Intubating through the Intubating Laryngeal Airway Two New Videos from Jim DuCanto The Oxylator More DuCanto and Pocket Bougie Videos Two OR Intubation Videos How to Custom Bend a Video Stylet for use with the Cookgas AirQ ILA image at the top from J Downham Now on to the Podcast...

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