Dorothea’s Song

Ron Vitale

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Dorothea's Song Episode 15

Episode 15: Does Dorothea survive and is the elvish home land saved? This is the last episode that wraps everything up. (Chapter 23 & Epilogue)

Dorothea's Song Episode 14

Episode 14: Show down in Isil. The big battle takes place between Dorothea and her friends and the witches. (Chapter 22)

Dorothea's Song Episode 13

Episode 13: Dorothea and Malkis fight and she brings the demo to Gulvan’s tower in Isil.(Chapter 21)

Dorothea's Song Episode 12

Episode 12: Dorothea chooses to face the demon Malkis and asks that Wulf, Conulas and Celas head to Isil and convince the High Priestess that she must stand by Conulas as he is the rightful king. (Chapter 20)

Dorothea's Song Episode 11

Episode 11: Elnith discovers a way to escape capture and unlocks her inner magical powers. (Chapter 19)

Dorothea's Song Episode 10

Episode 10: In the Bois d’or, Eilinel and Wulf are confronted by their enemy. (Chapter 18)

Dorothea's Song Episode 9

Episode 9: Dorothea finds Conulas and Celas in the Bois d’or and tries to rescue them. (Chapter 17)

Dorothea's Song Episode 8

Episode 8: Dorothea decides that she will go after Celas and Conulas while Eilinel, Wulf and Helevonais climb aboard Gloom the shadow dragon and go after Tolhelas, Elnith and the rest of the elvish troop. (Chapters 15 & 16)

Dorothea's Song Episode 7

Episode 7: Mohan awaits in his tower for his enemy to come and battle him. (Chapters 13 & 14)

Dorothea's Song Episode 6

Episode 6: Dorothea meets Mohan and learns some surprising news. (Chapter 12)

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