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Comic Geek Speak is the best podcast about comic books for fans and new readers alike. Put together by a group of life-long comic geeks, it's 4-5 hours a week of comic book history, current comic news, and a general look at the industry. In addition to all the latest in comics talk, the show also features creator interviews, listener responses, contests, and trivia, lots of trivia. So listen in and experience all the joys of a Wednesday afternoon at the comic shop, from the comfort of your own headphones.

Podcast Episodes

1660 - July 2017 Previews

It's Previews time again! In this episode we go through the July 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in September. (1:28:24)

1659 - Comic Talk

A little bit of comic talk, a little bit of con talk, a little bit of TV talk, and a LOT of passionate outbursts from Pants! It's an eclectic, enthusiastic installment of Comic Geek Speak in a classic vein. Enjoy! (1:16:49)

1658 - Off the Racks Two-in-One

We're burning through our backlog of Off the Racks reviews double-time, bringing you six (count 'em: SIX!) semi-seasonable single-issue synopses and size-ups in one fell swoop! From a galaxy far, far away (Marvel's Darth Maul #1) to a WildStorm Universe that's far, far from the one you remember (DC's The Wild Storm #1); from soft-hearted alien assassins (Dark Horse's The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #1) to hard-headed space cops (Green Lantern/Space Ghost Special #1); from the birth of a nation (Rebels: These Free and Independent States #1) to the rebirth of the X-Men titles (X-Men Prime #1), this episode covers twice the comics in only 130% the time! But first, a Bat-elegy for the dearly departed Adam West. (1:51:54)

1657 - June 2017 Previews

Time once again for Previews. In this episode we go through the June 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in August. (1:03:44)

1656 - Wonder Woman Movie Review

WONDER WOMAN!! All the world's been waiting for this: a big-budget superhero movie with an iconic female star AND a female director! Spark up your Magic Spheres and listen as the Geeks react, with enthusiasm that glows as bright as the Lasso of Truth, to DC's latest and greatest feature film. We focus on its twists and turns, its talented leads, its historical setting, its stunning visuals... and maybe even a potential flaw or two. (1:15:45)

1655 - A Conversation with Karl Kesel

Presenting a CGS sit-down with veteran creator Karl Kesel: Inker, Inditer, and Impresario of the Impossible!! Flush with victory after the successful funding of a Kickstarter campaign to revive his and Tom Grummett's creator-owned comic SECTION ZERO, the celebrated Mr. K joins us to discuss the second life of that series; several of his fan-favorite past projects; and any other topic we throw at 'im. Good clean fun with a true gentleman of the comics profession! (1:07:20)

1654 - Impromptu Comic Talk

When you can't get it all together... improvise! That's what we did to produce this episode, and the result is a succinct but savory sampler of subjects, a bit of bonus comic talk to help you through your mid-week. Topics include the return of Twin Peaks, the Walking Dead comic, DC's 'The Lazarus Contract' crossover, Chris's thoughts on 'The Button,' and more! (51:22)

1653 - Off the Racks Review on 'The Button'

Button, Button, who's got 'The Button'? WE have! Here's our take on the four-part story (Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22) that takes Batman and the Flash back to the Flashpoint reality and outside time itself, on the trail of answers to the questions raised by last year's DCU Rebirth Special. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (1:13:36)

1652 - Comic Talk

Pop open the tape decks on your iPods and slip in this Awesome Mix of fun topics! Included in the playlist for this episode are fond reflections on the fun and frolics found on Free Comic Book Day 2017; thoughts on the current run of Blue Beetle from Shane and Wonder Woman: Earth One from Murd; and, taking up the entirety of Side B, our SPOILER-saturated salute to Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2! Plus bonus tracks! (1:35:55)

1651 - May 2017 Previews

Time again for Previews. We go through the May 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in July. (1:10:32)

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