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Wulf the Saxon

G. A. Henty

Book Overview: 

Wulf the Saxon is a classic George Henty tale of nobility, loyalty and courage set in 11th century Britain. It relates the adventures of Wulf, a young, but extremely capable Saxon Thane. Wulf with his friends and servitors devote their lives to the service of Harold Godwinson, both before and after he becomes king of England. They are directly involved in capturing castles, rescuing shipwreck survivors, foiling assassination attempts and entering the terrible battles at Stamford Bridge and Senlac field by Hastings. The background of the novel is set in the stormy period prior to the Norman conquest of Britain and the story centers around real people and events, even offering a historically correct and lucid insight to the intrigues surrounding the religious and political alliances which led to the events of 1066; an absolute turning point in England's history.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ure and twist your legs tightly round it, or it will run through your fingers."

Taking hold of the rope he at once swung himself over, and without much difficulty reached the bottom in safety. He had scarcely done so when Beorn came down beside him with a rush.

"What made you come down like that, you narrowly missed coming on my head?"

"I believe I have cut my fingers to the bone," Beorn groaned; "I feel as if I were holding a bar of hot iron. You had scarcely started before I heard voices; they were evidently those of men going their rounds, so I caught hold of the rope and swung myself off, but before I got my legs fairly round the rope I began to slip, and though I gripped it as hard as I could I could not stop myself, but slid down like lightning."

"Hush!" Wulf whispered, "they are coming along above." The voices came nearer until they sounded directly overhead Wulf knew that it . . . Read More

Community Reviews

My first Henty book remains my favorite (and it's the only way I passed history in high school). These books follow young British boys on adventures in history around the world. Some are better than others; my favorites (aside from this one) are By Right of Conquest, Beric the Briton, Won by the...more

This novel was written in 1894 for a juvenile audience, but as I guessed the writing style was far above juvenile literature today. A well written tale, which as far as I can tell is historically accurate; it is an entertaining light read for late summer.

This is my second Henty, I read this aloud to my 9 year old. It follows a young thane who is in Harold Godwinson's service in the lead up to the Norman Conquest of 1066. It has a great amount of detail on the causes of betrayal of Harold by his brother Tostig and the battles of Stamford Bridge fo...more

This story provides the Saxon background leading up to the Normal conquest of England as seen through Wulf’s eyes. The story opens the young Wulf, 15, as page of Earl Harold. When Harold becomes King of England Wulf assists in the Welsh wars, and takes part against the Norsemen at the Battle of S...more

I'm not the biggest Henty fan, but this was one of the better books by him that I've read.

Excellent book

I really enjoyed how this book portrayed the proud English people, and their struggle against the Normans. I would recommend this book to anyone

The grown man that was reading the book to me refused to alter his voice for the different characters, so I'm very confused about who said what. And half the people were named Harold or William or a name that sounded like Harold or William. But in either case, this is a great read!

Very good histo...more

This was an interesting story about a young Thane living among people who had at one time been enemies. He must learn to balance his temper with his knowledge and aspire to become a great man who is living in a world where it is important to know that your enemies do not always remain your enemie...more

Very good. The author did a sensational job trying to meld in all the historical data with the story. I'm definitely going to read more by this author. What I liked the most was the part about Wales. But generally I learned a lot of things I did not know about English history. The preface to the...more

Reading to Douglas

Wulf the Saxon gives a wonderful glimpse into the life of the Saxon monks, thanes, lords and peasants in the early eleventh century, as well as into the homes of Norman lords. The story is interesting and well written, filled with historical characters and events. The only thing...more

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