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The World's Greatest Books - Volume 11 - Ancie

John Alexander, Sir Hammerton

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But after ruling one year, he fell into a distemper, and committed to his sons the conduct of affairs. He was buried at Modin, all the people making great lamentation. His son Judas took upon himself the administration of affairs in the 146th year, and with the help of his brothers and others, cast their enemies out of the country and purified the land of its pollutions. Judas celebrated in the Temple at Jerusalem the festival of the restoration of the sacrifices for eight days.

From that time we call the yearly celebration the Feast of Lights. Judas also rebuilt the wall and reared towers of great height. When these things were over he made excursions against adversaries on every side, he and his brothers Simon and Jonathan subduing in turn Idumæa, Gilead, Jazer, Tyre, and Ashdod. Antiochus died of a distemper which overtook him as he was fleeing from Elymais, from which he was driven during an attack upon its gates. Before he died he called his friends a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Vingt Mille Lieues Sous les Mers = 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea (Extraordinary Voyages, #6), Jules Verne
عنوانها: سفینهٔ غواصه یا سیاست تحت البحری؛ بیست هزار فرسخ سیاحت در زیر بحر؛ 20000 فرسنگ زیر دریا؛ 20000 (بیست هزار) فرسنگ زیر دریا؛ 20 هزار فرسنگ زیر دریا؛ 20 (بیست) هزار فرسنگ زیر دریا؛ بیست...more

I picked this book up -- this specific edition -- because I saw it was illustrated by the Dillons. This was fortunate because it turned out that, contrary to my previously held belief, I had not read it. What I had read as a child was some heavily edited-for-excitingness version almost entirely a...more

Man, what a strange book. As I've learned from my more erudite sister, 19th century novelists are all about digression, and Verne, despite being very solidly camped outside Greatliterarynovelopolis in the growing shantytown of Genreville, is no exception. Literally half this book is a taxonomic l...more

Jules Verne, classic pulp author, innovator of science fiction, originator of 'steampunk'--or was he? Many readers of the English language will never know the real Verne, and I'm not talking about those who dislike reading. Indeed, many well-meaning folks from the English-speaking world have pick...more

Actual rating: 4.5

Verne's works are difficult for an English-speaking reader to evaluate fairly, because he wasn't well-served by the English translations of his day --which are still the standard ones in print, which most people read. The translators changed plots and characters' names in some cases, excised pass...more

تحفة روائية يمتزج فيها العلم مع الخيال باسلوب رائع لا يستهين بعقل القارئ
من روايات الخيال العلمى القليلة التى قاومت الزمن، بل و تزيد قيمتها بمرور الوقت، وهو ما يميز الأدب الجيد

Pierre Aronnax, Assistant Professor in the Museum of Natural History, embarks on a ship to investigate the mystery of a powerful creature terrorizing the open seas. When he and two of his companions discover the Nautilus - a magnificent submarine owned by the uncompromising Captain Nemo – their j...more

For years this is what Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea meant to me...

Look familiar?

I know, I know...That's just not what Jules Verne intended. Hey, Disney tried and it was fun when I was about 7 or 8, but back when Vernes wrote this, he was writing a true thrill ride!

The story is of an und...more

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a marine adventure book, which can be qualified even fiction novel; one of the first novels of science fiction.
In 1864, when this book came out, no underwater trip had been done, reported, Jules Verne therefore allows to imagine from scientific basis for c...more

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