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Sir Walter Scott

Book Overview: 

This novel is set during the English Civil War and the Commonwealth. It is comprised of real events, along with fictional ones. If you are looking for an adventure novel with romance and mystery, please look no further. This is Scott at his finest

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .he exercised it, was with difficulty withheld from imposing the dignity of Knights-Bannerets at his own will and pleasure. It therefore seemed, that all recollection of former disagreement was obliterated, and that the Everards had regained their former stronghold in the General's affections. There were, indeed, several who doubted this, and who endeavoured to bring over this distinguished young officer to some other of the parties which divided the infant Commonwealth. But to these proposals he turned a deaf ear. Enough of blood, he said, had been spilled—it was time that the nation should have repose under a firmly-established government, of strength sufficient to protect property, and of lenity enough to encourage the return of tranquillity. This, he thought, could only be accomplished by means of Cromwell, and the greater part of England was of the same opinion. It is true, that, in thus submitting to the domination of a successful soldier, those who did so, for. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The strengths of Walter Scott's novels are character portrayal and vivid and highly demanding language and there is both aplenty in this account from the time of the English Revolution and First Commonwealth. This is a well told and straightforward (in plot, not language!) account of the future Char

Memorable characters, hidden passageways, swordfights, roundheads and cavaliers, and names like Corporal Grace-be-here Humgudgeon - what's not to like?

There are three periods of history which Scott clearly relished writing about: the 1745 Jacobite uprising in Scotland, the Civil War period of the 1640’s, and the Crusades. This is hugely enjoyable, not least because it gives Scott a chance to give us some excellent portrayals of both Cromwell and C

Unexceptional within the Scott canon. The story centers around the aftermath of the English Revolution, and takes place in and arouind the royal hunting lodge of Woodstock. Scott takes a story of parlimentary agenst being driven from the royal lodge by supernatural forces, and fleshes it out. Nothin

I found this a most enjoyable read. I love the way Scott's story turns on the conflicting religious and political perspectives of men and women at the time of the English Civil War, and how he also shows these individuals as fallible, inconsistent, funny and humane. I found it fascinating that Cromw

Another masterful tale by Scott in the historical fiction genre, showing his mastery of plot structure, characterization, supernatural phenomena, historical elucidation and true comic hilarity. Set in 1649, in the days immediately following the execution of Charles I by the Roundhead forces led by O

Published in 1826, Woodstock is a historical adventure based on the fictional premise that Charles II briefly went to ground in Woodstock during his flight following the defeat a Worcester. The first half of the novel proceeds at a snail's pace, and only speeds up a little in the second half, before

I cannot understand how Sir Walter could write tripe like 'The Talisman' then follow it up with a wonderful tale like this. One of his great strengths was the portrayal of historical figures, and in this story of the aftermath of the English Civil War, both Oliver Cromwell and the young Charles II a

Okay, why has no one read this book?? It's even better than Ivanhoe in my opinion... anyway...! Okay, yeah, I'll admit to it, I found it in a box in my uncle attic, together with a load of other books he could not bear to trow away, but didn't need, like or whatever, anymore (I mean, who understands

Both the Lord Protector,Oliver Cromwell, and his very contrasting successor as head of state (after the Restoration), Charles II, figure as well developed characters in this engrossing story. Set in the title town (not far from Oxford) just after the two British civil wars ended with Cromwell victor

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