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Woman and the New Race

Margaret Sanger

Book Overview: 

Margaret Sanger was an American sex educator and nurse who became one of the leading birth control activists of her time, having at one point, even served jail time for importing birth control pills, then illegal, into the United States. Woman and the New Race is her treatise on how the control of population size would not only free women from the bondage of forced motherhood, but would elevate all of society. The original fight for birth control was closely tied to the labor movement as well as the Eugenics movement, and her book provides fascinating insight to a mostly-forgotten turbulent battle recently fought in American history.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .y of childhood fighting its way against the handicaps of ill health, insufficient food, inadequate training and stifling toil.

Can we expect to remedy this situation by dismissing the problem of the submerged native elements with legislative palliatives or treating it with careless scorn? Do we better it by driving out of the immigrant's heart the dream of liberty that brought him to our shores? Do we solve the problem by giving him, instead of an opportunity to develop his own culture, low wages, a home in the slums and those pseudo-patriotic preachments which constitute our machine-made "Americanization"?

Every detail of this sordid situation means a problem that must be solved before we can even clear the way for a greater race in America. Nor is there any hope of solving any of these problems if we continue to attack them in the usual way.

Men have sentimentalized about them and legislated upon them. T. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Interesting insight into the "birth control" movement of 1920. Looking back 90 years after the fact, widespread use of birth control has not resulted in the utopia that Margaret Sanger seemed to predict - i.e. fewer wars, elimination of the practice of abortion, increased morality and spirituality o

Becky Cook's narration of this book is excellent. I find it quite interesting to hear Sanger's arguments for women's access to birth control. I can't imagine going through Life without it! Do I agree with everything Sanger puts forth? No. For one thing, she falls for the blame-the-victim trap a bit.

This book was fascinating. Margaret Sanger was a feminist who challenged society's thinking of who women are and what they want. At some points in the book I was cheering Ms. Sanger on. At other points I was appalled at her ideas. But no matter what part of the book I was in, I was fascinated.

Definitely a feminist, a socialist, a supporter of passive eugenics, and a Malthusian. It is incredible to think that people believe Sanger is a proponent of racially based eugenics, an advocator of abortion and infanticide, and a Nazi sympathizer. There is a lot of disinformation and purposeful lie

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