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The Wolf Hunters

James Oliver Curwood

Book Overview: 

Follow Roderick and his friends Wabi and Mukoki on their adventures in the pristine North. They fight voracious wolves, hostile natives, and the vicious elements of nature, while on the hunt. Getting more than they bargained for, they discover a mysterious cabin, and stumble upon a secret that has lain hidden for half a century. Full of twists and turns, danger and suspense, The Wolf Hunters, the prequal to The Gold Hunters, is an excellent read.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ipping juice filled the nostrils with an appetizing odor. By the time Wabi had applied Mukoki's prescription to his comrade's wounds, and had done them up in bandages, the tempting feast was spread before them.

As a liberal section of the ribs was placed before him, together with corn-meal cakes and a cup of steaming coffee, Rod could not suppress a happy though somewhat embarrassed laugh.

"I'm ashamed of myself, Wabi," he said. "Here I've been causing so much bother, like some helpless kid; and now I find I haven't even the excuse of a broken arm, and that I'm as hungry as a bear! Looks pretty yellow, doesn't it? Just as though I was scared to death! So help me, I almost wish my arm was broken!"

Mukoki had buried his teeth in a huge chunk of fat rib, but he lowered it with a great chuckling grunt, half of his face smeared with the first results of his feast.

"Whole lot sick," he explained. "Be sick s. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I have collected and am reading all of James Oliver Curwood's books. I love reading books written in the 1800's and early 1900's. The writing is so different than now. Curwood does a fantastic job of describing the time period in which he lived and wrote.

The story is great, the characters believable

This was such a wonderful story! It had the perfect blend of thrilling adventure, beautiful descriptions of the Canadian winter wilderness and the heart warming relationships between two best friends from different cultures (Rod, a white city boy and Wabi, a half white/half Native boy who has grown

Я, видимо, из того поколения, которое росло на приключенческих книжках. Поэтому когда в руки попалась история мной не читаная, то я же кинулась туда с головой. А там и индейцы (ну, многим как говориться вспомнить трудно, потому что они не знают, но в моем детстве самым прекрасным индейцем на всем св

June 9, 1145am ~~ Review asap. Gotta start on the sequel first! lol

June 10, 245pm ~~ I have had a list of titles by James Oliver Curwood waiting for me for a few years now, so this month of June I thought I would count him as the selection for my Literary Birthday author and finally get a start on r

Główny bohater tej książki jest półkrwi Indianinem - jego ojciec był Anglikiem, a matka Indianką. Wabi sporo cech odziedziczył po indiańskich przodkach, więc kiedy postanowiono wysłać go na studia, nie był tym zachwycony, wolał wędrować niż wkuwać regułki. Wyjazd nie był jednak bezowocny, bo Wabi w

James Oliver Curwoodin "Sudenpyytäjät" (WSOY, 1957) on oleellinen osa lapsuuttani. Lieneekö kirja ollut isäni vai jonkun hänen sisaruksistaan, mutta mummolan vintiltä sen joka tapauksessa aikanaan löysin ja ihastuin ikihyviksi jännittävään nuorten seikkailuromaaniin.

"Sudenpyytäjät" kertoo amerikkala

Zagrebačka stvarnost
Zagreb, 2013.
Prevela Ana Levak
O ovom romanu jezično se može reći da je žanrovski ukalupljen i ograničen. Neaktualizirani, nemaštoviti, neumjetnički jezik. Na razini dijaloga iz Zagora.
Sadržajno se radi o vesternu pa je i u tom smislu spona sa Zagorom. Inače, meni su Zagor i Chico

I enjoy just about anything James Oliver Curwood writes. The book is dated and would give PETA a heart attack for gun violence, and the hunting and trapping of animals. It was written in 1908 I believe , a different time and place.

It takes place in Canada in the early 1900's. The story of an American boy who has become friends with a Native American boy. He travels to Canada to hunt and trap with his friend in hopes that he can earn money to help his mother. The boys and an Indian guide spend several months in a remote cabin

I nearly stopped the book in the beginning not wanting to read about guys killing wolves. I'm glad I didnt. It was a story about 2 school mates that go out to trap wolves for their skins during a school break. It takes place in 1908. It describes in vivid detail the cold conditions of their trip.


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