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What Maisie Knew

Henry James

Book Overview: 

When Beale and Ida Farange are divorced, the court decrees that their only child, the very young Maisie, will shuttle back and forth between them, spending six months of the year with each. The parents are immoral and frivolous, and they use Maisie to intensify their hatred of each other.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .This was a course their delicacy shrank from; they couldn't have told exactly why, but it was a part of their tenderness for him not to let him think they had trouble. What dazzled most was his kindness to Mrs. Wix, not only the five-pound note and the "not forgetting" her, but the perfect consideration, as she called it with an air to which her sounding of the words gave the only grandeur Maisie was to have seen her wear save on a certain occasion hereafter to be described, an occasion when the poor lady was grander than all of them put together. He shook hands with her, he recognised her, as she said, and above all, more than once, he took her, with his stepdaughter, to the pantomime and, in the crowd, coming out, publicly gave her his arm. When he met them in sunny Piccadilly he made merry and turned and walked with them, heroically suppressing his consciousness of the stamp of his company, a heroism that—needless for Mrs. Wix to sound those words—her lad. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Well, I told myself to review more of my 5 star books instead of taking the easy way out projectile sneering at some grisly two star efforts. but it's hard. There are some brilliant Henry James reviews dotted around, and this won't be one of those. I think there's a point in some of these long, l...more

In the annals of classic fiction I have encountered some truly monstrous parents (some of the parents in Austen or Dickens certainly come to mind), but the mother and father of little Maisie Farange must surely be the worst. They are truly beyond despicable, and if I could reach into the pages of...more

Maisie tudja, hogy ha egy pszichologizáló hajlamú író kezébe kerül, akkor az nem lesz tekintettel éveinek csekély számára: kifilézi irgalom nélkül. Úgyhogy a kislány egy véresen megharcolt válás középpontjában találja magát, ahol a két szülő - Henry James kedves metaforájával - úgy ütögeti át egy...more

Δύσκολα αφήνεις το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο από τα χέρια σου. Νιώθεις ότι αν το κάνεις θα προδώσεις και εσύ την μικρή Μέιζι όπως οι γονείς της.

Una storia contorta, che rivela il mondo degli adulti attraverso gli occhi di una bambina, Maisie, che ascolta, vede e soprattutto capisce più di quanto si potrebbe immaginare.
Usata come arma contro l’altro dai due genitori, si ritrova in situazioni ambigue, contesa da figure che si legano a lei...more

Book Circle Reads 43

Rating: 3.75* of five

The Book Description: What Maisie Knew (1897) represents one of James's finest reflections on the rites of passage from wonder to knowledge, and the question of their finality. The child of violently divorced parents, Maisie Farange opens her eyes on a dis...more

My real life reading friends and I - a scant five of us - have, at my suggestion, and since 2014, attempted an annual group reading project (book, theme or author). That first year was Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus. In 2015, we pledged to read novels about WWI by authors from the participant coun...more

Years ago, I read somewhere, perhaps in Graves' Goodbye to All of That, or a biography on Ford Madox Ford, where it was recorded (a tricky word if it's Graves) that Ford, while out in the trenches, read and greatly admired Henry James' What Maisie Knew. What stuck in my mind was the fact that For...more

When I saw that this book was about a young girl whose parents divorce and both remarry, and how she is shuttled between the various adults that have some reponsibility for her, I wondered why it wasn't in the Ultimate Teen Book Guide in place of 'Daisy Miller'. But the reason for that became cle...more

How to describe this book; different, unusual, even disturbing on some level. Young Maisie Farange has, possibly, the two worst parents in the history of literature, Dickens characters notwithstanding. Her two step parents, from opposite sides of the parental marriages, were somewhat better, but...more

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