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Welsh Fairy Tales

William Elliot Griffis

Book Overview: 

This is a collection of delightful tales that explore the uniqueness of the Welsh people, Welsh heroes, Welsh countryside, Welsh animals and Welsh pride. Some other minor peoples are mentioned in passing (the English, The Scots, etc.) but mainly these stories embody the exuberant pride and joy in living of the Welsh people as well as their wry humor. Most stories are fairly short and would make a wonderful listening episode for anyone..

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .long name—the improvisator.

These poets have sharp tongues and often say hard things about people whom they do not like. If they used whetstones, or stropped their tongues on leather, as men do their razors, to give them a keener edge, their words could not cut more terribly.

Now, on one occasion, Morgan had offended one of these bards. It was while the poetic gentleman was passing by Taffy's house. He heard the jolly fellow inside singing, first at the top and then at the bottom of the scale. He would drop his voice down on the low notes and then again rise to the highest until it ended in a screech.

Someone on the street asked the poet how he liked the music which he had heard inside.

"Music?" replied the bard with a sneer. "Is that what Morgan is trying? Why! I thought it was first the lowing of an aged cow, and then the yelping of a blind dog, unable to find its way. Do you c. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Fairy tales

Lovely fairy tales from Welsh lands. Stories are filled with cultural nods that being Welsh history and stories to life. Great read

Feels more like a boring lecture on welsh fair tales.

Delightfully old-fashioned. Unashamed pro-Welsh sentiment. Good times.


It’s a bit strange to me, having this partly like the older tales, yet modern ideas and language cut into it.

Highly enjoyable, especially if you have Welsh roots. Bit repetitive and excessively patriotic but still charming.

This is a double-dip for the Popsugar 2021 Reading Challenge by fulfilling prompt #30 (book set somewhere you want would like to visit this year) and prompt #40 (Favorite prompt from pr

The Welsh Fairy Tales is a very interesting and entertaining book with some of the oldest fairy tales to have been recorded. These tales have it all: Merlin, Arthur, magic, dragons, damsels, fairies, elves, witches, mermaids, knights, etc. But I must say that all these fairies that bet on their name

Cute tales full of fairies and the like, but the author took a great deal of liberties when explaining the tales to the American audiences he was writing to, which definitely detracted from the stories.

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