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The Vicissitudes of Evangeline

Elinor Glyn

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I had not really seen you; to-day I think differently.”

“It is just because you are sorry for me; I suppose I seem so lonely,” I whispered demurely.

“It is perfectly impossible—what you propose to do—to go and live by yourself at a London hotel—the idea drives me mad!”

“It will be delightful! no one to order me about from morning to night!”

“Listen,” he said, and he flung himself into an armchair. “You can marry me, and I will take you to Paris, or where you want, and I won’t order you about,—only I shall keep the other beasts of men from looking at you.”

But I told him at once I thought that would be very dull. “I have never had the chance of any one looking at me,” I said, “and I want to[41] feel what it is like. Mrs. Carruthers always assured me I was very pretty, you know, only she said that I was certain t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

If you're interested in the Edwardian Era or have an interest in how the romance novel has evolved, this is worth reading. Definitely of it's time and place with attitudes towards class, race and gender that can be grating, but because it is so much of it's time, it provides insights into the upper

To be compared what we would think is controversial today, this book is as plain as a hotel bathroom towel-- white, normal, tame. Let's take into scope that this is 1905 or earlier-- though by how they talk about the fashions and trends as little as they do, no earlier than 1895.

In that way, Evangel

a reprint of the vicissitudes of Evangeline

Red Hair, aka The Vicissitudes of Evangeline (1905) is a beautifully written, sparkling book.

However, the plot is the equivalent of Elizabeth Bennet marrying Mr Bingley instead of Mr Darcy. If you can stomach that, you'll enjoy this book. Or at least the first half of it.

It seems clear to me that E

Sono entusiasta delle ragazzette disegnate dalla Glyn, una diversa dall'altra, ma tutte fresche, piene di vivacità e determinate nella scelta della loro vita sentimentale. E questa Evangeline dai capelli rossi non fa certo eccezione…
Ma quanto cinismo, invece, nel modo in cui l'autrice rappresenta le

My grandmother let out the upper rooms of her home in Virginia to travelers during the depression. When cleaning out her attic we found all sorts of lost and found items left behind by those strangers. Diaries, gloves, dolls, clothing etc. an original copy of this book was in a suitcase of gloves wi

Lovely, entertaining story...

Even though this book is a very read, I enjoyed the time it took. I love curling up with an interesting read. It kept me guessing to the very, very end. It did not end as I predicted, but so much better.

Not as much fun as the first Glyn I read, but still enjoyable enough to breeze through. It opens with the promise of great salaciousness -- penniless red-haired beauty Evangeline determines to become "an Adventuress" when she is stiffed in her aunt's will. Yay! we think, but alas it turns out that E

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