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Undine - Children Series

Friedrich de La Motte-Fouqué

Book Overview: 

Undine is a novel by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué concerning Undine, a water spirit who marries a Knight named Huldebrand in order to gain a soul. It is an early German romance, which has been translated into English and other languages. The novel served as inspiration for two operas in the romantic style by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann and Albert Lortzing, respectively, and two ballets: the nineteenth century Ondine and the twentieth century Undine. An edition of the book was illustrated by Arthur Rackham. In The Fantastic Imagination, George MacDonald writes, “Were I asked, what is a fairytale? I should reply, Read Undine: that is a fairytale … of all fairytales I know, I think Undine the most beautiful.”

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Then we said, "Let us keep the little stranger, and care for her as we would have cared for our own lost child." We sent for a priest, who baptized her, giving her the name by which she called herself, though indeed it seemed no name for a Christian child.

'"Undine," said the priest as he performed the holy rite, while she, the little one, stood before him gentle and sweet. No sooner, however, was the service ended than she grew wild, wilful as was her way. For it is true that my wife has had much trouble with the maiden—'

At that moment the knight interrupted the fisherman.

'Listen,' he cried, 'how the stream roars as it dashes past the window!'

Together they sprang to the door. The[17] moon had risen, and the knight and the fisherman saw that the stream which ran from the wood had burst its banks. It was now rushing wildly along, carrying with it stones and roots of trees. As they looked, the clouds grew dark and crept across t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Das kommt davon, wenn gleich sich nicht zu gleich gesellt, wenn Mensch und Meerfräulein ein wunderliches Bündnis schließen
Die Liebe überschreitet alle Grenzen - der reiche Ritter Huldbrand, Schlossbesitzer, lernt auf einem unfreiwilligen Zwischenstop das arme Fischermädchen Undine kennen, und entbre

No pensé que me fuera a gustar tanto; pero con cada página la lectura se va haciendo cada vez más ligera y, en vez de perder su camino, decide afrontar las problemáticas con una gran inocencia sentimental que, no por su carga sensible, deja de tener un paso firme.

Creo que todo quién pueda, debería d

This is the story of the Knight Huldbrand of Ring-stetten and of Undine, telling how the Knight wedded with water-sprite, and what chanced therefrom: and how the Knight died and was buried: and how Undine returned to her element beneath the Mediterranean Sea

'of all fairy-tales, the most beaut

Ein tragisches Kunstmärchen das viele mythologische und Gruselelemente enthält.
"Undine" bietet die Vorlage zur kleinen Meerjungfrau, basiert jedoch gleichzeitig auf der Sage der Melusine aus dem Mittelalter. Die Wassernymphe Melusine heiratet einen Fischer, den sie ermahnt niemals ein böses Wort geg

This is a good rendition of supernatural themes. A lot of people would have taken a comic turn to it, but the author proposes something more serious.

Durch einen Spukwald, der die Zivilisation vom elementaren Naturraum trennt, gerät Ritter Huldbrand zu einem alten Fischerehepaar und ihrer Ziehtochter Undine. Fasziniert von der wilden, unkonventionellen Undine, verliebt sich Huldbrand in die Kindfrau, die von ihrem Vater, einem Wasserfürsten, in d

Yazılan metinden eserin 1810'lu yıllarda yazıldığını anlamak çok zor, aşka dair harikulade bir anlatı. Aradan yıllar geçmesine rağmen ikinci okuyuşumda, sonraki sayfada gelecek bazı diyalogları kelimesi kelimesine hatırlayınca (ki bu benim gibi unutkan birisi için mucizedir) kitabın benim için ne de

„I wept him to death.”

My wonderful, awesome boyfriend got me a copy of this book from 1909, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, for Christmas. It's become one of my most prized possessions. It is beautifully written (or translated, I suppose I should say) and of course, stunningly illustrated. I consider it a masterful exampl

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