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The Two Destinies

Wilkie Collins

Book Overview: 

Mary Dermody is destined to be together with George Germaine one day, or so at least her grandmother prophesizes. Destiny at first doesn't seem to adhere to this plan, and the pair is separated and lose sight of each other. But when George saves a young woman from drowning, a strong connection seems to develop between them, which seems to be almost supernatural.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Why was she waiting there at the close of evening alone?

As the question occurred to me, I saw her head move. She looked along the bridge, first on one side of her, then on the other. Was she waiting for some person who was to meet her? Or was she suspicious of observation, and anxious to make sure that she was alone?

A sudden doubt of her purpose in seeking that solitary place, a sudden distrust of the lonely bridge and the swift-flowing river, set my heart beating quickly and roused me to instant action. I hurried up the rising ground which led from the river-bank to the bridge, determined on speaking to her while the opportunity was still mine.

She neither saw nor heard me until I was close to her. I approached with an irrepressible feeling of agitation; not knowing how she might receive me when I spoke to her. The moment she turned and faced me, my composure came back. It was as if, expecting to see a stranger, I had unexpectedly encou. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Well, they weren't kidding when they said that it was Victorian melodrama -- it was quite dramatic. It is the perfect book for visions, deformed and veiled mysterious women, Scottish moors, fake marriages, murder suicides and strange coincidences involving kindred spirits who fail to recognize each

I very much wanted to like this book, as I loved Collins' The Woman in White, but it dragged on forever. I can't even remember when I began it, so had to guess, but happily (and finally) finished it this morning. There are endearing parts, but overall it is tedious, repetitive, and a little too "mys

This is a tough one for me to rate because it is super melodramatic and predictable but deliciously mystical and reads like a suspenseful ghost story. I enjoyed the audiobook and suspect I may have tired of the repetitive tale of near discoveries if I had attempted to read it. In the end, I embraced

A satisfying journey

I'm so over modern writers who believe, or are forced by their publishers to add gratuitous profanity, violence, and sex to their stories. Is that all our modern culture ascribes to as entertainment? I don't think so but they obviously do. Enough of my vent. THIS read was rich, t

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. There were parts I loved and found fascinating, other parts I was confused by and disliked, and the ending was a little odd. Still, an interesting read, and I look forward to more Wilkie Collins in the future.

I didn't find this to be one of the better Wilkie novels. It set out with great promise, but fell short and started to drag.

I believe, after reading the Wikipedia entry for Wilkie Collins, that I have approached his work from the wrong end. I had previously read The Law and the Lady, Miss or Mrs.?, and (most recently) The Moonstone. Today I read that his work from the 1860's was his best (and The Moonstone was the last w

A humdinger of a sensational novel even by Wilkie Collins standards! We have visions/ghosts, sickness, no-good husbands, young love, and suspense. However, I found it hard to believe these two people never compared notes and came to realize they knew each other as children. Not to mention the improb

Usually I love Wilkie Collins but this one seemed so overly dramatic that I had a difficult time getting through it. Plus it used the ploy of continually omitting one very specific and important information from the characters to prolong the plot. When the one piece of information was finally shared

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