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The Trembling of a Leaf

W. Somerset Maugham

Book Overview: 

A collection of short stories on the South Sea Islands, among which are the famous "Red," "Rain," and "The Fall of Edward Barnard," the last of which contains the basic story of what came to be one of the most well-known among W. Somerset Maugham's novels, The Razor's Edge.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .No."

"How was he?"

Bateman was silent for a moment, and his handsome, sensitive face darkened.

"I'd sooner not speak about him, dad," he said at last.

"That's all right, my son. I guess your mother will be a happy woman to-day."

They passed out of the crowded streets in the Loop and drove along the lake till they came to the imposing house, an exact copy of a ch. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The short story Rain, may be one of the best short stories I have ever read and I am an avid short story reader. The human condition, religion, power, lust, a tropical setting, outsiders vs. natives against the backdrop of the constant, seemingly never ending rain. Thought this was a very powerful s

The Male's Ancient Conflict: His Inherent Sexual Nature vs. His Moral Fibers, Bonds of Loyalty and Religion
If you play with fire....

I consider Maugham as one of the top two or three short story writers of all time. His best is "Rain," one of the most powerful and symbolic short stories in the canon

There's a politically incorrect expression used in this book, "going native," but that is a lot of what these stories are about.

Brits (mostly men) from the sun-deprived northern climes (and in one case, an American) arrive in the tropical South Pacific isles, mainly Tahiti, to shed their clothes an

Read Rain, skimmed the Pool... O.K. If you like this sort of stuff... A bit of melodrama based on a moral code that seems rather remote today....more

Maugham, like my other favourite author, Graham Greene, walked the roads less travelled of the former British Empire, and like Green, was a spy, and a man with dark secrets and skeletons in his closet. What better person to write about flawed and vulnerable characters!

In these tales, occurring aroun

This collection is the first I’ve read by Somerset Maugham. The stories draw on his own experiences of travel in the Pacific, and were first published in 1921.

A word of warning at the outset. These stories are centred around Europeans and white Americans who live in the Pacific islands. Many of the


William Somerset Maugham è probabilmente lo scrittore in assoluto più saccheggiato dal cinema: più di Graham Greene, e anche più di Conan Doyle.

Di questi sei racconti, apparsi in originale in raccolte diverse (e quindi la selezione è dell’editore italiano), il primo è quello più famoso,

Nếu muốn suy nghĩ sâu sắc về cuộc đời thì nên tìm đến Mưa của Sormeset, gần như đọc truyện nào của ông cũng bắt gặp toàn bộ mình hoặc 1 phần của mình trong đó, đào sâu hơn người đọc còn thấy đôi chút ngậm ngùi, cay cay hoặc cực kì cay đắng (tuỳ thuộc vào việc mình thấy bản thân ở trong đấy nhiều hay

Each story is reviewed one by one, following the order they occur in the book. Not all the stories are set in South East Asia, as the title erroneously indicates.

1,”Pacific” 3 stars
This is best seen as a preamble. It draws the setting for the South Sea stories that follow. The Pacific may shift fro

The colonial era in the South Pacific was filled with self-righteous imperialists whose own good opinions of themselves were only overshadowed by their racist opinions of the native inhabitants. Maugham, captures this aspect of life and places it up front in every story. I understand that attitudes

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